Pack my life into boxes


After this post, I will be MIA for awhile… It’s hard to believe in about a week I will have to clear the space I call home for 2 years and on the plane back to California. I have lived at many places before, but this is the first time I actually need to empty the apartment completely. Needless to say, I am pretty stressed out trying to pack my life into boxes… again. This is not only the time I come to realization I have a lot of stuff, but also knowing how bad I am trying to get rid off things – after all, many items although small or seem useless to people, they hold great sentimental value to me. Sigh.

I am trying to limit myself to maximum 6 large boxes or otherwise it’ll get pretty expensive… will also do my best to stuff as much as possible to my trunk. Pray everything will go well. Everyone was right – I was very down about leaving the job I love, the city, etc. but right now when I get busy trying to pack, all I can think about is ‘moving’ and not so much about being emotional… I probably will start thinking about that until when I am on the plane… or when I know for sure I’ve cleared everything.


Life is about making choices and taking risks, I am grateful for the time and the opportunity and experiences I gained over my short 2 years in QC. As A. said, perhaps I did not realize it, I have sort of become a ‘local’ in this city – I know the whereabouts, the different neighborhoods, the restaurants, the new things, etc. For the last few years I’ve never stayed somewhere for over 2 years, so QC definitely broke the record – and it was nice calling somewhere ‘home’ for 2 years even though a lot of the time I miss my family and my friends who are all pretty far away from me.

The move is a difficult decision, but I think ultimately it’ll do me good. I didn’t realize how important and crucial it is for me to have my family close by. It’s hard to believe I haven’t seen any of them since January 1st. I know for some people it went by like a breeze, but it has been pretty difficult for me – missing them a lot but unable to really figure a good time to visit all the time when it is far and the airfare is pretty pricey. It’s never fun to torn between having a good time or spending time with family when pto is so limited…


I know I will probably start to ‘worry’ about the future and next steps when I am in CA, but as of now I just want to focus on packing my life into boxes again…. the maybe 6th or 7th time I have to do this domestically / internationally within the last 5 years. God knows how stressed and overwhelmed I am just thinking about this. All good thoughts and prayers are much appreciated. It is a lot of work to do alone – I am thankful I’ve got some friends to help and A. is able to schedule a meeting the same week I am moving. I cannot express how much that means to me.

Life has been a roller coaster, I definitely had some of the darkest low point earlier this year, but I pray things will start to get better. Positive vibe to keep things going right?

This is going to be my big summer thing… how about you all?



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