side note – a small hiccup in life


I know I still have some exciting DC trip adventures to share, but before that, I just wanted to use this opportunity to talk about a dilemma I’ve been struggling for quite awhile and finally did it this past Friday. It’s a turning point. It is scary, there are so much unknowns, but I’ve told my workplace last week and officially gave my 2 weeks notice.

It is not the first time I have to make a decision that involves big moves or leaving a position, but honestly, the very first time I fear and wonder if I really made the right choice? I guess it becomes difficult to ‘just do it’ the older you get, and it gets more difficult when you actually enjoys what you do daily and love all the people you get to work with… At this point in life it is easy to say it really makes much try to find a job that you genuinely love everything about, and that is really how I feel about my current job. I love what I do, I love the division and the people I get to support, I love it’s fast pace growing industry and potential, but yet, the decision to move means giving up all of that since unfortunately, the company’s corporate office stays here in the Carolinas.


I got pretty emotional, and actually got myself pretty sick all last week trying to build up how I am going to tell my boss about it, etc. When I finally let it out, it felt like a stone was removed from my body and I was exhausted. Now instead of worrying about the job, I will also need to start getting busy to sell my furniture, pack my life into boxes, all that not very fun and pretty stressful things.

Pray everything will go well.

Right now I don’t even want to think about having to find the next job (if only my current one has an office in CA!), I will take the time to move, to relax a bit, to focus on health, and just give myself a little much deserved break with family to figure out what’s the next chapter going to be.

They say life is full of making decisions, opportunities, losing some to give some. Totally, absolutely true. Although I don’t super merge into the southern culture I see daily here, I will definitely miss my 2 years living and exploring this little city and like A. said, slowly I’ve becoming one of the Charlotteans who actually can get around to restaurants and places.. since after all, I’ve been here for 2 years and that’s a decent amount of time spent in a city.

Rest of the July and beginning of August will be busy for me. I am looking forward to the change, I am still unsure and scared of what to expect next, but I think over all I am pretty ready. It will be so difficult to say goodbye on my last day at work, but I will make it through.

I hope I don’t have to make such a tough decision again in the upcoming years. Picking either this or that is the most difficult thing when truthfully I want both.

It is a pretty gloomy Tuesday over here, and I am planning to treat myself food truck deliciousness since who knows when is the next time I will get to have some low country BBQ only can be found here in the Carolinas, right?

Trying to enjoy every single day I have left here without worrying too much,


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