Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast


I’ve been swamped in work lately… whew. Not only am I late to write a post, but also pretty lame in the game of watching Beauty and the Beast! *gasp*

I know to most people this is so-very-March, but hey, I finally had the opportunity to watch it not too long ago (yeah, the beginning of May) and I totally think it deserves a post because it was pretty good and much better than I expected 🙂

As everyone know Disney is trying very hard to bring all the princess cartoons to live movie. The first one was Cinderella that happened when I was still working in Taipei… I believe 2015? I never really care much for Cinderella (yes, not even her dress) since I was a kid so I bought the pre-sale ticket with my friend L. way in advance just because we might as well watch it because it’s the first live Disney princess movie.

Probably like a lot of people, the Cinderella movie was quite a disappointment. I didn’t really take much out of the movie and probably already forget most of it… Not that I encourage villain or anything, but I felt the only character and costumes I really adored was Cate Blanchette’s evil stepmom. Her performance and wardrobe taste are SO much better than the book and the cartoon. (I guess I shouldn’t get into the detail about the children’s book since the story actually got pretty gruesome involving blood and cutting off ankle, etc. *yikes*)
Also, I didn’t really like Lily James. I guess the entire time I always picture Cinderella to be a bit more feminine when Lily has a bit of a more serious masculine face… (at least to me). Her tiny waist was the center of attention at the time, which I also did not care because her dress was not what I pictured in mind… I envision a light sky blue almost silver puffy ballerina style dress – quite different from the movie with the butterflies and more of a lake blue color.

Anyways, because of that experience, I have been hesitated to watch Beauty and the Beast. I love Emma Watson and I think Belle is a much interesting character compared to Cinderella, but I was just not sure if it’s worth the money to see another princess live movie. I suppose the good thing is because I was so late to go watch it I’ve already heard many friends’ review about it, which were generally very positive 🙂


It was not a bad experience watching Beauty and the Beast almost 2 month late because we basically had the theatre entirely to ourselves with maybe 3 other people. It was pleasant to watch the movie quietly and freely without everyone sitting next to you.

Personally, I felt the live movie is better than the cartoon. Perhaps the ‘Be our guest” part cartoon is fancier but overall the audiences are able to see more in terms of the characters’ development. The cast did a great job selecting actors and actresses who represent the characters really well.
One scene I thought was really special was when the Beast showed Belle the mysterious book that could take them anywhere and they were able to revisit the little attic Belle was born in Paris. I think that is new addition in the live movie, but a nice touch to show another side of Belle we previously did not know of. I also like the development of Beast’s character.

Originally I was surprised to find out the movie was over 2 hours long. However, after watching it I thought it’s well worth the 2 hour time period because there’s really not a dull moment watching it. The only regret I have is that little did many of us know how good looking the actor who plays Beast is! He did a terrific job portraying the Beast but we only really got to see a sneak peek of him in person the very last 5 minutes of the movie.

I thought giving the castle a sort of Versailles-feel to invite audience a feel of the glamorous life style and art of France at the time was very interesting too – especially the very beginning of the party scene (that reminds me of Phantom of the Opera) and towards the end when it was Belle’s wedding? The flower decorations, the dresses, everything were gorgeous!

Lastly, Belle’s dress is definitely more of my taste compared to Cinderella’s… Although yellow will probably never look good on me (not saying that I would ever be Belle anyway.. haha), I like how it follows more of a classic design. The gold foil leaves that can be seen on the dresses, the soft lace materials… if anything I think the live movie dress is even prettier compared to the old time classic cartoon version. Beast’s outfits also get huge upgrade too 😉


As Mrs. Potts say “tale as old as time,” I think the live version will also be considered a timeless movie that many people will enjoy.

Now I just wonder who will be playing my favorite Rapunzel? I was disappointed in Elle Fanning’s portrayal of Sleeping Beauty… so hopefully Rapunzel will not disappoint me. Although I do wonder who is going to be able to carry that amount of hair running around? ;P

I am SO glad it is almost the weekend. I can hear the clock ticking.


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