Popbar in town


Do you like ice cream? How about gelato?
(did I hear a yes :P)
Or, how about some beautiful instagram photos of colorful ice sticks with deliciously looking chocolate icing and toppings?
(another yes, maybe? :))

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Summer is right around the corner (or it has already arrived?! this weather got me pretty confused) so we are all dreaming of something delicious… and preferably cool and sweet!

I remember seeing a post about popbar some time around the end of last year here in the Queen City… I was excited and decided to share the info with A. because we are food buddies, and not to mention I’ve seen photos of the products before and would love to try… because that’s what you do -> try. fun. food. 🙂

I am not very good parking on the street and Noda is all about trying to hunt down a spot on the street so even though I do want to try, I haven’t had the chance because of my parking skill sucks and it’s kind of not very fun to venture out to Noda just for ice cream… Plus it was cold.

Anyways, all of the above excuses made me forget about popbar until A. told me he is actually coming in town for business trip. Crepe Cellar is always on the top list for us to get together because the ambience is amazing and we had a lot of wonderful moments eating and chatting and everything there. The food did not disappoint me this time, but we did find the portion is a bit smaller than the last time we visited… Slightly disappointed but we both think we’d still want to re-visit because the food is excellent. Noda changed a bit since the last time we hang out… I was sad to find out Revolution Pizza place is closed. To be honest the food is only so-so, but I really loved their garlic knots. Those were real delicious! I wonder if another pizza place will take over the current spot… Or if Noda will change more before I leave?

Usually we’d share brownie in a blanket or an excellent crepe from Crepe Cellar. This time, since I saw popbar sign was right across the street, I purposed instead of the usual dessert choice we NEED to try popbar because we talked about it before and we are finally in Noda again lol


There were a ton of options to choose from… I was set to get matcha as soon as I saw it. They had fruit flavored gelatos, and the usual flavors such as pistachio, chocolate, coffee, etc. The concept is friendly and simple, you pick the flavor you want, moved on to the ‘creative section’ where you tell the staff whether you want half dip, full dip, drizzle (I believe options were milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate), and then you let them know the toppings you want. I can’t remember the exact options, but A. went with the safe style with half dip white chocolate and chocolate sprinkles, while I was a bit more creative to go with half dip of milk chocolate with a side of pistachio and a side of waffle cones 🙂

The popbars were amazing. We both enjoyed a ton. I think plus tax a popbar is maybe $4? Not too bad to treat yourself. Waffle cone is a must get. Pistachio goes really well with the milk chocolate dip / matcha gelato. I already cannot wait to go again next time with A. to enjoy the popbars!

I think next time I will still stick to matcha, but perhaps I will do full dip? a side covered with pistachio and a side full of waffle cones 🙂 I know that doesn’t make much difference compared to this time but wow it was just so delicious I can’t wait to go again when the weather gets better. (Forecast says going to rain today and it’s been pretty humid gross…)

Popbar has a few locations in the US. I am excited to show this place to my family next time when I am in LA 🙂

Have you tried Popbar before? How do you like it? What is your favorite combination to make the best popbar?

Hard to believe another week had gone by and it is Friday again. A rather gloomy and dull one in my opinion. I have a feeling May is going to go by fairly quick. Part of me is happy because I am looking forward to my upcoming trip at the end of May and I haven’t traveled in a really long time, but the other part of me is a bit scared looking at the calendar feeling time is going by real fast.

However, I do know the change is must for several reasons…

Anyways, I am getting a bit hungry looking at my popbar photos. How about you? 🙂
Be sure to give it a try if you happen to have one close to your neighborhood!

k. (have a good friyay!)


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