week trying new things (sort of)


This week seem to go by pretty fast. I wouldn’t say it’s the best week because the weather has been pretty crappy, but overall it’s been nice and pretty productive.

Originally I was hoping to wait a little bit longer (like maybe another 2 weeks) to get a haircut, but came to the realization after sweaty work out last Friday that ‘gosh, they are taking forever to grow long but the weight and density though… just cannot take it any longer!’. It was too late to make any appointment on a Friday night, but luckily, I scored myself an appointment around 3 at Aveda Institute for a student haircut that costs only $12. This totally works for me and is my go-to place for haircut in Charlotte because
1) I have very clumsy hands and short hair, I prefer simple cut easy to maintain. Nothing fancy will do.
2) They use Aveda products shampooing your hair
3) It’s kind of fun to get different stylist every time

It took much longer than expected to get my haircut this time… *feeling old moment* Aveda overbooked and there were a ton of high school girls in to get their hair and make up done for prom. Wow, I had no idea it is already prom season. High school sure is very far away from me.

Last time I was in and out of Aveda within maybe 30 or 40 minutes because I got a student who was just not great and in the end her instructor did all of my cut for $12… works for me ;P This time though, I am very happy with my stylist. She is very stylish, easy to talk to, extremely careful and attention to detail… I am very happy with the result and my head feels so much lighter – appropriate since the Carolinas been having crazy weather humid hot and sticky cold day by day like it’s a joke pattern.

I actually didn’t know until this time at Aveda (since I had to spend a lot of time waiting) that not only do they have excellent hair and body products, they also have a line of essence oils! I didn’t really get into the game of essence oil until this past Christmas. I am a champion of migraine and headaches and usually would rely on pills or tiger balm (yes I know it has a strong herbal smell but it totally works). I treated myself an expensive massage session when I was in Taiwan for vacation and learned a lot from the therapist that pure essence oil actually works so much better than tiger balm or pills to sooth your headache or stomachache. (They really do work). I really liked the pure rose essence oil offered at Aveda but unfortunately I could not take it home with me since it’s pretty $$ and I really cannot afford to send money right now. (sad)

That said, if you are into essence oil, or need to find a new method to feel better fighting with migraine, stomachache, etc. Check out Aveda’s line of products! They are excellent. Peppermint is a very common one to start off, so is Lavender I believe.

Over the weekend I also treated myself Bonsai Fusion’s poke bowl (I got the tuna poke). I know poke bowl is nothing new and has been on trend for awhile, but hey, this is Charlotte…. so it didn’t quite get here until like last month. (rolling my eyes). I went to 7th street public market and tried the small version of it. Gosh it was excellent. I really enjoyed it! I mean I would still always prefer a bowl of chirashi sushi over poke bowl but I will definitely return.

Have you tried poke bowl before? How do you like it?

7th street public market surely changed a bit since the last time I visited…. few months ago. Some of the old time favorites are still there, but I need to introduce a new addition… the Gateau baking company. I couldn’t take my eyes off their cup cake selection while waiting for my poke bowl and although I probably shouldn’t for the sake of my wallet, I ordered a cookie & cream cup cake that was just perfect! I can easily say that was the best cup cake I had here in Charlotte. (so that’s a big deal :P)


On another note, I saw this photo on instagram. It’s crazy to realize around this time in 2015 I was actually at the exact same spot in Kyushu with my mother and grandmother visiting for the wisteria festival. Too bad we went in the day time, if only I knew it would be this gorgeous at night I would’ve tried to stay… Although probably quite difficult to do so when traveling with a tour group.

Looking at the photo really make me miss traveling. One thing I still find hard to get used to is how limited the time we have here in the US to do quality traveling. Domestic airlines are crap, and international are just way too pricey to afford compared to the package deal (excellent) that are offered in Asia… I am looking forward to my travel at the end of May, and I do hope I will have opportunity to do a bit more of traveling rest of the year. I guess it is true that if you are a sagittarius you just have that desire to travel… a lot. Haha

Luckily the week is coming to an end! Even though it doesn’t look all that nice out as of now, I do hope the weekend will be a nice one! Food and fun and maybe movie ideally! Can never complain to have chillax time not doing anything.

I hope you all will have a great weekend too. Today is cinco de mayo… any fun plan? I am sort of staying away from Mexican food after having to eat it way too frequent at my last job… but I know I will still celebrate today eating something delicious. A solid TGIF plan 😉


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