April so far has been crazy and busy!

Hmmm… WordPress just deleted the first chunk of my paragraph so here’s me attempting to write again… 2nd attempt. That’s see if this time it will work, and that I actually remember what I typed out the first time lol


Sorry for being MIA last week! I’ve just been so busy and by the time I got home I was pretty much brain-dead that I didn’t want to be near a computer and just didn’t really want to write anything anymore. When ironically, writing is supposed to be fun right? *gasp* I hope this cute photo of Rilakkuma and the fresh flowers I got would make up for it 😉


Although I (clearly) did not get to visit Tokyo to see cherry blossom this year, few weeks ago I did catch some beautiful American kind of cherry blossoms in South End Charlotte. The color and the species are different compared to the soft pale pink ones I see in Tokyo, but I still find them lovely. Too bad I did not have a good photographer to help me take some photos.

It is Friday, and I have been busy, so I decided instead of eating very boring microwave lunch – is it just me? I think microwave just makes food tasty very meh. It gets pretty depressing when that’s the one and only way to heat up lunch from Monday to Friday… 😦 Anyways, get back to the point – I decided to give myself a day off since it’s been awhile I visited my favorite little shop here in Fort Mill for some delicious soup and salad. If you are ever around this area in Fort Mill, SC, be sure to stop by. They have a location in Charleston too, which interestingly, was where I first tried this place so I was very happy to discover it here in Fort Mill to revisit.

My favorite is their blt on pretzel sandwich (no tomato and bacon… swap for turkey please!) and the always to die for Greek Lemon Chicken soup. YUM ❤


The shop’s name is Ladles . They serve all kind of sandwiches and soup and combo deals. I’d say the staffs are generally pretty mean and kind of charge a lot more than they should for the simple meal they provide.. However, I am willing to give in because I just cannot make the soup and it’s just comforting food for me. (Need!)

It’s a good decision to swing by Ladles to get lunch despite the fact the staffs were still unhappy and rude, but the food were delicious as always to make my Friday a bit better 🙂

Now I am just very ready for the day to ene. I think I’ve been using way too much computer my eyes hurt. Even the magical eye steamer mask I got from Japan did not help me yesterday night so I am a little bummed.

Are you do anything fun this weekend?

I will just be doing the regular chores and chillaxing… Much needed.




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