Making a decision


Recently I’ve been writing my blog on Fridays… coincidence? Not, haha. I think it’s nice to take a little break to write something on Fridays since it’s basically the end of the week and we have the weekend to look forward to! Agree? Yes 🙂

It’s been a crazy busy week for me. In fact, it hasn’t been this busy in awhile. I like keeping myself busy, so I will not complain. It’s always a rewarding experience to see the things you work hard towards with positive result & feedback.

Weather & temperature-wise though, it’s been a complete nightmare. There was a day started off with only 36 degrees Fahrenheit but by the time I left work it was 90 degrees. Like, seriously, how did that happen? It was like experiencing winter and summer all in one day less than 24 hours. As expected, I got pretty sick. Thanks global warming and just the crazy spring weather! I do appreciate the blooming flowers, but perhaps it is the Carolinas… spring hasn’t been very nice to me :/


This past weekend I finally made up my mind and drove to Grand Asia Market. It’s just kind of out of the way for me so during my 2 years here I’ve actually only been twice. I am really glad I decided to drive all the way there though. It was nice to get some Asian bread and pastries, bento, and Taiwanese goodies. I also got my boba fix 🙂 It’s been a long time since I had boba. Obviously nothing compared to the SoCal or Taipei standard but I was happy. Can’t ask too much here in the Carolinas!

While at the Grand Asia Market I got to see a ton of Asian faces and heard Chinese language… a bit nostalgic for sure since the last time I saw this many Chinese were over Christmas in Taipei… Haha. I wonder if perhaps one of the reasons I try to avoid coming to Grand Asia is because it would kind of get me homesick… The fact that the market is pretty ghetto but when it is here it sort of brings some familiarities… Maybe.


I’ve been having the hardest time trying to make up my mind about my plan for this year. It’s been difficult, in fact it’s been something I have been struggling basically since last year. Between life and career there are just so many unknowns, when I cannot see the future, when I do not know the correct answer, I just don’t know how to make up my mind. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if you can sort of peek the future to help you make the decision in the present? I know it is impossible, but doesn’t hurt to think that way though.

This week I have pretty much made up my mind that I need a change. It will be difficult, painful, risky, and I probably won’t know if it is a good decision or not perhaps until the end of this year (or maybe even longer) but I think it is time to do it. I still got a few more months until August, but just have to pray that everything will turn out very positive, while I continue to try my best.

I have never really taken a break after college. Non stop studying and working up to this point, perhaps it is a good time to just not think about anything and relax and see the world a bit… I mean, if not now when right? Life is full of interruptions and complications, maybe it does not hurt to take a big risk and start all over again to find the better self.

Once I made up my mind, part of me kind of wish it is already May so I can go to Chicago to enjoy the big city and get ready to planning, while the other part of me kind of wish it would be nice to slow down a bit because things will be so different after August, but I just hope while I cannot see the future, everything will stay fine.

When you care too much, it is time to just not think about all of the side factors and just believe how you really feel right now. That is what helped me make up my mind.

To be honest I don’t really feel it is spring… It’s just been wild weather over here. April is only a week away and then comes May, June, July… August.

I am excited to see what the future will bring me. Positive surprises I hope. Meeting interesting people would be very nice too.

Part of me is worried, but the other part of me finally can take a deep breath to say now I know what to do.

One thing checked off my list to deep breath and enjoy the weekend 🙂


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