Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Today everyone gets to be Irish 😉 Did you remember to wear your green today? I sure did 🙂

The best part about today is that it is Friyay! TGIF!
It’s been a long dreadful week of stress and anxiety for me. I am so glad it is Friday and I can count down to the time I get to relax and just do nothing. That is sooo my plan for the rest of the day after work. In fact, I am planning to leave early today because I am not feeling all that great.

How was your week?

Nothing much happened to me this week, just same old same old. it did snow last Sunday… so many of us were completely wrong. We were all joking about how there wouldn’t be any snow in the queen city in the middle of March… but it did happen! As a result, it’s been extremely cold this week… went down to as low as 22. Brrr! It’s still cold this morning driving to work. While waiting for my heater to warm over night, I’ve been driving with my gloves #tips

Health has been a big thing I have been worried about lately to the point it gives me stress and anxiety. I am thankful exactly the day after I decided I might need to schedule a doctor’s appointment it should all be normal and fine now. Except I think it’s just a very hard lesson learned that I need to listen to my body more and stop ignoring it. It’s never fun when you are stressed and anxious about things you don’t really have much control of. That said, it makes more sense to just stay careful.



I haven’t been having the greatest appetite either. Does that happen to you too? What happens when you don’t really want to eat anything? I’ve been forcing myself to eat but somehow nothing tastes ‘that great’ if you know what I mean… Like it feels like I am missing something even when I eat things I normally enjoy… 😦

Are you planning to eat anything delicious tonight? I know it’s still kind of early right after lunch break but man, I am already thinking about dinner although I don’t have much in mind 😦 Perhaps I just really want the day to be over to go home and rest.

Golden Retriever puppy

This is my current mood right now. Ideally in PJ, blanket, a nice lavender candle (I recently purchased a target lavender candle that’s working out nicely! The jasmine one was excellent, too)

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I have a friend going to Asheville for the thrift store big carnival/event that sounds pretty fun if you are a fan of thrifting and finding cool things with a budget.

I am probably just going to get some Panera bread and stay home for the most part to relax my body. “Beauty and the Beast” is the big hit of the weekend, I think a lot of people are going for the premiere or at least just try to make sure to watch it this weekend. I was a bit disappointed by Cinderella few years ago, so I am planning to be smart this time to wait for some reviews from friends before I decide if it’s worth going to see at the theatre 😉

Well, looking like 3 more hours and it’s theee weekend!

Friday never feels so good eh? Looking forward to home very much x

Happy Friday and take care stay safe everybody. Happy St. Patrick’s day and stay lucky :]


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