workout motivation & saying farewell!


My flowers officially died over the weekend, so I swing by Publix to see if I had luck to pick up some of the fresh flowers. Yay! I got a huge bouquet of light purple flowers (name I do not know) for $4! Such as steal since I can fill them with so many vases I have at home. #champion

Are you a big fan of flowers, especially the pretty colors seen only in Spring? It was not as easy to arrange flowers the way I please when living with family, now that I have my own little space I make sure to always have flowers – coffee table, desk, island, night stand… etc. I don’t know about you, but I think flowers brighten up people’s days. Sometimes it’s even better when you light a nice jasmine candle next to it in the evening. 🙂


New discovery of the week – there are mysteriously painted yellow footprints surrounding the office building. They definitely weren’t there last week. It’s a new thing for me, but some time during the week days I’d go out and take a walk with my colleagues. We chat about random things, primarily to get some fresh air (although this pollen season… I think it actually got me a bit sick breathing in too much dirty stuff), and just take a small break from the exciting cubicle life (not lol).

L. K, and I traced down the footprints and thought it was kind of cute they painted these to encourage people to walk around! It sure helps getting some steps on my fitbit. I am still aiming to achieve my goal to get to level 3 for the insurance discount! I just received a $25 giftcard for working out so that was really nice.

We decided to take a fun shadow/footprint photo together since it’s K.’s last week here with us. Excited for her new role at the new company, but I will definitely miss the fun lunch time and walk around with her. I am not too worried though… we connect quite well and I am looking forward to seeing her Monday night for some sushi fix at Oku ❤


Since K. is leaving us, we did a mini informal farewell at Jim n Nick’s BBQ. They have excellent lunch menu! It’s my second time here and I really enjoyed the food. I am a big fan of potato so obviously I had to get the piggie potato with choice of chicken. The complimentary cheese biscuits were excellent. I am guilty. I had 3 of them 😛 So delicious! I am so happy we got to do a mini get together for lunch since we rarely do that… but unfortunately my experience weren’t as good as I had hope for because a certain someone was sitting next to me and made me extremely uncomfortable… basically had to squeeze myself close to K. to have lunch. No fun. Some people, manner please?


I don’t have much plan for this weekend because apparently the temperature is going to drop drastically and even chance of snow on Sunday and Monday (what?). It’s not too bad though since I don’t mind to just take it slow and enjoy the weekend. The usual grocery shopping, maybe watching a movie at home, etc. It’ll be good.

How’s the weather like wherever you are at right now? It’s still pretty sunny outside so it’s hard to believe it’s going to be cold again.

I am staying extra motivated lately after purchasing some Fabletics workout leggings to pressure myself to go downstairs to work out and keep in shape. So far it’s going well and I plan to continue on to stay fit and lose my thigh weight 😉

Hope you are all having a nice week…. and I bet you are all like me… cannot wait to leave for the weekend. After all it is TGIF eh? I was a little bummed to find out Russia gets 3/8 off from a friend. We totally need 3/8 off too! Or more like, I think at least point I just really want to have a day off since the next holiday is all the way in May that’s like freakin’ far in my opinion 😦

Counting down the clocks…. 😛



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