March & Flower & Pollen…


Happy March!
February sure went by fast eh? It was especially fast for me since I moved to new office building, got sick, cut my finger, Valentine’s day, car issue… Whew! Before I know it it’s already the first week of March.

Last year was my first year experiencing a ‘Charlotte’ spring. I was in awe because it was so pretty! I still remember the joy I had seeing the beautiful pink and white cherry blossoms along South End and uptown. They were amazing. It was also my first time seeing the magnolia trees in the most perfect pink. Perhaps that is why there’s the famous plantation in Charleston that’s called Magnolia Plantation? I can certainly see magnolia being the symbol of the South, just like the pineapples (did I say I love pineapples? :D)

Last year I spent a bit of March and good chunk of April in Taiwan, so I guess you might as well say I skipped most of the pollen season. I did see the yellowy pollen covered cars for like one weekend but that was it. I’ve heard of pollen, I’ve heard of allergies, but I’ve never really had much symptoms…


and then comes this year…:(

I am spending my full Spring here in Charlotte. I know it sounds kind of wild, but it’s only the 3rd day of March and I can already sense the annoyance of pollen. No wonder there’s a saying that in the US you should move every 5-6 years because you start developing allergic reactions…I suppose I was blessed I never had that issue in California, but only year 2 in Charlotte I am getting it :O

It’s definitely much worse over here… I mean, it’s literally like when you park your car outside and go to work, by the time you drive home you can easily see your car covered in yellow powder (aka pollen). Yikes!


I think my allergy is still sort of mild? I don’t get watery eyes, but I sneeze occasionally and I feel like I basically feel my hands and face are dirty whenever I walk outside… And, I have headache (small one, not like migraine craziness) almost everyday this past week. It is not fun and I don’t want to rely too much on my medicines… but I am seriously considering to get some Claritin this weekend to see if that might help with anything.

Pollen is such a bxtch!

I wonder when will it be better… end of April? May? I am looking forward to no pollution!


Although I am suffering quite a bit, in fact, more than I expected this spring season, but I still cant help to appreciate the beauty of this town that provides me. I took this photo the other evening stopping by the UPS store. White cherry blossom and full bloom magnolia trees… and red brick building? Such a quaint combination in my opinion. I had to stop my car for a bit to take this picture… #leavenoregret right? 🙂

Do you also develop bad allergy over spring? what’s your recommendation to fight the symptoms? What are some tips and tricks? I would be interested to know to hopefully feel better myself.

Any plans for the weekend? Except some chores I plan to do I am most likely going to cave in to stay away from the pollutions… Still sounds like a pretty ideal weekend for me though to do nothing… and maybe get better to lose a few pounds 🙂



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