The Valentine Week


Happy Valentine’s day/week everyone! TGIF!

Did you do anything fun for Valentine’s day? Or, are you avoiding the silly price fixed menu on 2/14 and doing a belated celebration this weekend? In any case, aren’t you glad it is finally the weekend? 😛 It’s an exceptionally long week for me – I am still driving a loaner car, cut my left thumb/nail making dinner, sick under the weather… I am just so ready for this week to be over to sleep in.

Well, I guess not exactly only to sleep in on the weekends since I still have to do grocery and some chores but it’s just so nice not having to force yourself to get up in the morning by the sound of alarm right? (yes)

How about you? How was your week?


Like I said, my week was pretty crappy, but something nice still happened on 2/14. I got surprise flower! They were gorgeous, and the card was so thoughtful and sweet… signed ‘secret admirer’ J Eventually I found out who sent me the flower, and it totally made my day. I mean, it was not that difficult to find out, but it was fun to be a little mysterious. Driving home the flower was quite an adventure, but they are sitting nicely at my island and I get to see them every day when I am home. They are so beautiful! Red is never really my color, but I guess when it comes to Valentine’s day red is the most traditional & classic right? Red roses, hearts… and of course, some chocolate in action!

I am pretty excited for tonight’s dinner as well. Did I say… I am meeting an internship supervisor whom I haven’t seen since maybe junior year in high school? It’s been a long time and he is back in town visiting his family. It’ll be nice catch up session. I think it might be a tiny bit award to dine with all of his family, but I will still be there. Who knows when’s the next time we get to see each other again? The world is big… sometimes small, but the chances! We’ll be meeting at a popular Chinese restaurant (a little overpriced) called Baoding by exit 5 on I77 right next to South Park mall. I am excited! I haven’t decided what I want for dinner but I will make sure to order something delicious 🙂


It’s getting warmer here in Charlotte. Not quite spring weather yet, but as everyone said it is a warm winter this year, the cherry blossoms at South End cannot wait til regular March to bloom… it’s only the middle of February and all the pink trees are in full bloom! I am planning to do some weekend walking tomorrow to enjoy some more of the cherry blossoms before they are gone… I love cherry blossoms! They always remind me so much of my time in Japan. I was very lucky to see cherry blossoms last year around late March back in Tokyo with my mom… Miss the good time!

I didn’t really get to do anything fun or special for Valentine’s celebration this year, but it was nice I got surprise flower! Perhaps there will be some super belated celebration in the upcoming month… I don’t know, but I certainly hope!


What’s your plan for this weekend? Flower viewing? Bundle up at home?

I bet you are all ready like me for the weekend to arrive.

Happy Friday! Cheers,

k. ^_^


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