1st time trying Potbelly!


If you are a big fan of sandwich, be excited because I am about to talk about my first time experience trying a really delicious sandwich shop called Potbelly.


I’ve never really been a big fan of sandwiches, especially cold ones (bleh!). My go to back in college was the buffalo chicken flatbread at Subway, but sometimes to be honest I get it because I crave the amazing soft chocolate chip cookies. Some thinks best way to end a sandwich meal is with a shake, while I personally would prefer the cookies more… perfection J

The first time I heard of Potbelly is from A. He relocated for his new position in ND and told me there’s a really good sandwich place called Potbelly. I didn’t really pay much attention because there’s no store here in NC, plus, I already mentioned I have never really been a big fan of sandwiches… especially sandwich chain shops.

Probably the beginning of January when I returned from my trip to Asia, I caught the news online via Charlotte Agenda that Potbelly is opening a store in uptown. I shared the news with A. but didn’t really pay much attention because it was still quite chilly and I didn’t feel like walking all the way just to try a sandwich.

It turned out on their opening week the average wait line was 1 hour.

That’s saying something right?


(Charlotte Queen city themed art design!)


I finally decided to go over the weekend on a sunny Sunday. The reason I decided to try was because my colleague bought a bag of Potbelly’s mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Those things are crazy delicious. Like, the entire bag was gone within a few minutes. I crave them so badly! Yup, so what got me into Potbelly was actually not the sandwich, but the glorious soft cookies filled with oatmeal and chocolate chips.

The walk was pleasant, and I haven’t walked to uptown in a while. It was a perfect random February Sunday to go try Potbelly as there was not many people there.

I had a hard time deciding between the pizza sandwich and the chicken salad so I decided to asked the staff for recommendation… Chicken salad it is except I asked them to toast my chicken – hot sandwich > cold sandwich forever ❤ I also made sure to grab a bag of the dozen mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to bring home with me. They are made fresh daily at the kitchen!


The sandwich was delicious. I loved the celery! I will definitely need to ask them for extra celery next time though. I also requested to have a little bit of mustard in mine that brought out the flavor… yum!

Because it was Sunday lunch there weren’t a lot of people. The staffs were all very nice and I got to pick a quiet corner (favorite high chairs) to enjoy my lunch. My tummy was happy and it was awesome to walk home with a bag of cookies that honestly is on my top 3 cookie list 😀

If you have never been or heard of Potbelly. Perhaps it’s time for you to check it out! Forget about Subway, Jimmy Johns… etc. Potbelly is the thing 😉 I know I will definitely go back to try other things such as the cookie sandwiches when it gets hotter!

Find your Potbelly store HERE

Don’t ever forget to grab that bag of dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They are the perfect!


I am planning to try the pizza sandwich my next trip, and of course, bringing another bag of cookies home with me!

What’s your favorite potbelly sandwich? Do you prefer everything toasted? Or there’s some secret menu or sauce that I am not aware of?

Have a good Friday (TGIF!) and awesome weekend!



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