La La Land: It’s so overrated!


I love Ryan Gosling. Period. Even though he’s been in some pretty lame movies that I might’ve seen only for the sake of Ryan Gosling, but how can you ignore this actor when he was just so perfect in “The Notebook”? Everything about this guy is perfect (including the ‘hey girl’ quotes :P), although I do question his wife choice… but oh well, I am just one of the many fans. He does what he wants, no big deal.

At this point, “La La Land” isn’t really considered a new movie anymore. It was out probably right around Christmas time? I might’ve seen the poster around Thanksgiving but did not pay much attention until I found out Ryan Gosling is in it. I do question the actress choice, Emma Stone, as I’ve never really been a big fan of her acting or her voice (but I approve her fashion taste), but given it is a musical, in Los Angeles, PLUS Ryan Gosling? I want to watch it.

Originally I was aiming to watch it with my best friend when I was in Taiwan for the holiday since it’s been a long time since we had a chance to go on a girl’s movie date. Unfortunately, my crazy and super tight schedule did not make that happen. I thought about seeing it on the weekends but the snow and my recently phone drama (yup the phone died on me) delayed the plan. A. is in town for business trip so I proposed to watch “La La Land.” As expected, no guys are interested in some musical with a heartthrob… so tickets were on me! Haha. The movie theatre we went to had an awesome “The Notebook” vibe – if you know what I am talking about, sort of local/historical feel to it but the interior and everything was modern.

I will not go into detail on the story or the jazz. I just want to question what did I really watch in the 2+ hours?


Perhaps I gave it a higher expectation than I should after finding out it won many Golden Globes, but seriously? I was so disappointed when the movie ended. I genuinely felt like I wasted my money and my time seeing two people (the lead characters, the heart of the story, the center of the spotlight) fell in love, dance and sing, chase dream, and then the ending has nothing to do with EVERYTHING I watched for the past 2 hours or so.

I know some people would claim it’s giving a Hollywood movie a surprising, not-expected un-Hollywood ending. But, uh, hello? That does not make any sense to me. I do notice the reference to the great Casablanca in the film, but trying to link the two together was quite weak. For example, Ingrid was married and in love with her husband the entire time. That is why it was so difficult for her to reveal that to Humphrey Bogart, while Humphrey Bogart saw it and choose to let her go and set her free. This has NOTHING to do with “La La Land.” Emma Stone’s character was in love with Ryan. They loved each other. There was no pre-marriage involved, and they use iPhones! Emma got the chance to make a film in Paris doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for the characters. In this day and age, there should be something said about why they didn’t stay together, why they lost contact, etc.

I found it amazing and ridiculous within 5 years Emma is married to some other guy with a 3 year old kid.

5 years… that means she literally found another guy and got married right after Paris if the kid is 3 years old. Emma was using an iPhone the entire time, there’s no way they’d just magically lose contact when clearly they were still together before she left for Paris, and Ryan drove across state from CA to NV to take her back for her role! Ryan clearly said he’s going to fight for his dream (the jazz bar) and not going anywhere…. I guess it’s THAT difficult for Emma to find him after Paris?

Face it. Downtown LA / Hollywood area is not that big.

Ryan gave up his band life for Emma, yet it seems to me once she got the rich and fame she totally forgot about him. How easy. She didn’t even bother to contact or search for his bar the entire time. Pretty sure a jazz bar in downtown LA / Hollywood area would get some media or news coverage considering (in all honesty) the owner is pretty good looking and plays awesome piano?

The ending totally sucked in my honest (humble, or even gentle?) opinion. She didn’t even bother to say anything. She even hesitated to turn back to see Ryan again. The smile did not mean anything. What was she hoping to get from Ryan? A “here’s looking at you, kid.” Casablanca moment? How is Ryan supposed to react except to smile back? There’s nothing he can do!

I could probably go on and on with my evidences on why I think it was a weak ending and a total waste of my time to watch – the fact it was a musical but I can only think of maybe 2 songs that re-occurred throughout the film, and a surprising (not in a good way) closure, and needless to say, an actress who is not very good.

I am not famous, therefore I doubt anyone from the “La La Land” movie crew would be able to read this, but I would love to have a conversation with the director, or anyone involved in the plot/script to discuss with me on why it turned out the way it did.

Perhaps I am the only one that looked into the details when after all, it’s a movie for entertainment, but I just think there’s more work to do to give it some sense.

Thoughts people? Maybe I should think about writing an email to the film crew to get an answer from them.



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