2017 is going to be a year of change


Happy 11th day of the new year! I know I am a bit behind of schedule on this, but a lot happened since my last post! Some good, some bad… and now I am back in queen city working and hustling again. All back in action.

My trip to Taiwan was amazing. It was so great to see family (all of them!) again. Time sure flew by when you are having fun and enjoying every moment. Before I know it, it was already time to pack my things to head to the airport again. It was quite a dramatic trip in the beginning as my flight got diverted to Phoenix that caused me to miss my international connection… Thankfully everything worked out in the end even though I missed 1 precious day to spend in Taiwan.

As usual, we went down to Kaohsiung’s Eda resort to join new year count down/vacation. It was also my first time trying go kart and participated in competition! I was surprised and happy I got 2nd place! I hope that means next year I will advance my skill and speed (and a better kart) to be number 1! I was doing pretty well during testing run but unfortunately and the final competition my go kart was not performing the way it should and spin at every turn. Quite risky experience!


I didn’t really get to meet everyone I want to this trip back because it was so short. Less than 2 weeks, but it was eventful and I was very happy most of the time. The only time I was a bit worried was thinking about my flight back and the connection.

Many things led to the conclusion, but I want 2017 to be a year of change for myself. Lots of things to consider, and this time, not just about myself or the short term things, but I should also think about long term goals. What is the best for me, what makes more sense, etc.


2016 was a year of changes and adventure. Some good, some bad, but I am definitely thankful and feeling super blessed to land the job I have right now. It’s the best I can ever ask for. I love everything about it, but at the same time I need to seriously think about location-wise if it’s worth it to sort of give up on everything else. I am not going to lie how much I miss my family and friends on the west coast and on the other side of the world. Communication can only get so far when it’s heavily rely on technology devices.

I am keeping an open mind to what’s going to happen in the upcoming months. Meanwhile I will continue to do my best and my current position and learn as much as I can because it is seriously an amazing environment I have been dreaming of since I graduated college.

How’s your 2017 looking like so far? I know 2016 was a tough year for many… but luckily it is over now so we can refresh and start anew. New hope, new goals, and new everything!

Best of luck to everyone. I hope this is going to be a great and positive year :)

k. x


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