It’s Cold Outside… But Keep Hustling


It’s hump day Wednesday. How’s your Wednesday / week before Christmas? To be honest, I was dreaming of a sort of easy week before the holidays to wrap up on end of the year projects and what not. Little did I know it only gets busier! More requests, more campaigns, more marketing stuff… Keeping busy is good, but wow, I am just so ready to be in holiday mode stressing myself trying to make sure I can complete everything before my big trip to Taiwan is stressing me out! I just hope I can complete everything no later by Tuesday next week… Fingers crossed. I really hope I don’t have to bring my work computer back to Taiwan because that’s going to add up the weight considering I already need to bring my personal computer with me…


We had department’s holiday party yesterday evening at a new pub called 8.2.0. It was pretty fun! The place just opened in August that’s only a few months ago, the menu provides at “Great Gatsby” feel and it’s one of those pubs I feel everyone can find something they’ll enjoy. Big venue with separate rooms, vintage gaming room, karaoke place, pizza store (good pizza and extra amazing meatballs and fries!), fancy open bar with full selection of cocktail drinks… (I tried the strawberry gin fizz that turned out to be too sweet for me. Originally was thinking to try the green tea boba cocktail but I didn’t want to be wasteful… I didn’t want to touch my gin fizz after a few sips :P) I think the outdoor area is really nice with an artificial tree covered in lights. Unfortunately, it was drizzling the entire day yesterday and it was cold! No outdoor for us! My favorite was definitely the secret speakeasy! It’s kind of like a secret Italian lounge with red satin sofa, old school disc player and records, random books… The design almost made you feel very Harry Potter-esque that everyone loved.


Yesterday was a bit sentimental for everyone because even though it was a holiday party, it was also a farewell party to our big boss who is going to another company to start new adventure after serving my current company for 10+ years. It’s emotional and shocking to all of us when he announced his decision. I could honestly say he is really the coolest person I get to work for.


I haven’t been sleeping all that great probably because of the weather and there’s just a ton that happened to me this December…. I did manage to replace the windshield last week but it was quite an ‘adventure’ to take care of everything… Whew. Part of me is exciting I am going back to Taipei to see family and my friends next week, but I am a little sad I have literally only a week there… There’s so much to do, so many people I want to see, and so much I want to eat… If only Charlotte isn’t so far or that vacation is so limited… I really wish to be there longer! I was especially sad to find out I might only have 1 day to hang out with my best friend L. :(

Apparently the weather isn’t going to be very nice to me next week… Looking like it will be raining on Wednesday. I am still hoping for a miracle since it’s not going to be very fun to have to travel wet and stress with connection. There’s still a lot going on at work, so I just gotta learn to take it easy and try my best to get everything done… Keep hustling y’all!

Cheers to another day closer to the holidays ❤
k. xxx


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