Hey December, You’ve Been Not Nice.


December! December 2016! Can you believe that? The LAST month of 2016!

I love December. You know why? Because December = Christmas/New Year = Holiday mode! I love everything about December. I like cold weather (well, I now have to say I like cold but not so cold December. Charlotte is considered cold to me), I LOVE Christmas music, I am obsessed with Christmas shopping, Christmas decorations, and honestly, everything about Christmas is pretty awesome.

Every year in December I would come up with the list of people I want to be thankful for and write Christmas cards to them. I have done a few already this afternoon, but still have a list to complete since I’ve got friends all over the world thanks to living and studying all over the place. I love writing and picking Christmas cards to people though. I think it’s fun, and I personally love receiving cards from people. It’s that extra surprise to make December extra great!


However, I have to say December hasn’t been all that nice to me… Even though today is only the 7th day and I should perhaps give it a chance, but ugh. Where do I even begin? I was told before I took this position that there’s never a ‘slow’ month here, but I was naive and took it as every month will be pretty active but ‘naturally’ will slow down a tiny bit in December especially after Thanksgiving everyone’s going to be in holiday mode.

wah wah.

I was totally wrong. I came back from Thanksgiving break and already have a ton of projects to work on. Some are fun, some are things I’ve done before, but there are a couple that are totally new to me and I have to admit I am a tiny bit stressed out not sure if I am doing a good job or not. I guess time will tell? Oh, and did I mention it does not help at all when somehow my company’s bathroom blasts Christmas music all day everyday? The last time I checked they have 5 CDs of Christmas music they rotate at the bathroom.

I mean, how can people focus after all of that? question mark. question face.

I complain about work (I think we all do?) but I still try my best because I like my job and it keeps me active. No matter how difficult the request or task is I still try my best to do all I can. But, there’s something else that happened this week that’s totally out of my control and admittedly the first time I had to experience this. It’s not fun, time consuming, and umm hmm, I probably need to eat dirt (literally) for rest of December and January especially all the good Black Friday damage I’ve done.

I have to replace my car windshield.

Yes. My car is my baby. It’s also kind of like my only companion here that’s been with me more time than with anyone. It takes me to places, protects me from danger, etc. When my car is hurt I am down. Oh, and I am sure we all know that when there’s something wrong with the car… it means $$$. Or maybe, A LOT of $$$$$$$$$.

Bad luck. My found a very nasty crack on my windshield after work yesterday. A bad nasty crack that has three long lines (between 6-8cm long) going in different direction. I was shocked because I have no idea when that happened, and I was also sad because it looked pretty bad. I took a photo and showed my family, immediately I was told it’s looking like I need to replace it for safety reason especially with long fracture lines.

Took the afternoon to work remote, have dealer inspect the car, provided me quote, calling insurance and getting a claim number (all that oh so fun stuff), and I am hoping I can get the service completed this Saturday. Hefty bill. And Saturday most likely will be party at the dealership since estimated will be 3-4 hours to get it done. Ouch.

There’s nothing I can say about this… It pretty much just sucks, and kind of make me wish someone could do better to improve the roads… I can’t get away with this hefty bill for my own safety, but it still sucks. I am the type of person unless everything’s settled I would be thinking and thinking about it nonstop, and that’s basically the state I am in right now. Until the dealer told me they’ve ordered the parts, and that I can have an appointment in the morning on Saturday-replaced-all proves to be perfect I will feel pretty restless.

That’s not how December should be. But I guess that’s how my December is going to be. In no shopping jail and gotta watch out my pocket… although I do kind of crave good food right now. (NO!)


Winter makes us want to have warm stuff. Charlotte is officially entering winter. One of the low for this week is 23, and that’s pretty cold. I am not looking forward to the weather and the crazy temperature change especially after what happened to my car. They said it’s going to be a warm winter, and I am really hoping it is true… Please don’t be it’s a just kidding warm winter but really just late winter.

I’ve been drinking a lot of hot milk tea, hot matcha latte, and hot cocoa lately. I mean, it’s so appropriate right?

What’s your favourite drink in December? How’s your December so far? Any plans?

I hope my December will go better and that soon I can actually think and count down the days I’ll be going to Taiwan to see family and friends. That will be really nice, but I already know when it’s time to come back the adjustment is going to be tough.

Not a great week for me thus far… just hope it’ll get better and pray no more issues with my car (my baby) forever… and ever… and ever.



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