a week: Charlotte-California-Birthday-Thoughts


It’s been a week?!

Hard to believe this time last week I was busy enjoying time with A. and also packing for Thanksgiving back to California to see family. Where did the time go? I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately… But seriously, it’s crazy 2016 is coming to an end.

How’s your 2016?

November has been pretty good to me. I am glad to see A. again thanks to the business trip. It’s always nice to catch up over amazing food with best friend. Conversation can go on and on and on… Thankful 🙂 Luckily this year is not as cold compared to last year here in Queen city. I hope it continues to stay that way! East coast winter is not my friend and I think I’ll never get used to that. I was able to try some new restaurants thanks to A.’s company, see my family, mini trip back to Blowing Rock/Grandfather mountain to catch last bit of Fall colour (wow it was cold), and also celebrate my birthday. Tomorrow is the last day of November, and I hope it’s okay to say overall it’s been a great month. I am extremely thankful for all the people I get to meet this month. They are all extremely important in my life ❤

My job started a new policy this week that I don’t think would affect me greatly, but I do need time to get used to. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my manager for some new projects… Hopefully nothing too challenging since admittedly (I am sure many of us feel the same way) I’ve just been not as motivated as I should be thanks to the holiday season lol However, I will still try to remind myself to stay active and always do my best.

Instead of a whole cake, this year I got to share many slices of delicious Lady M cakes with my family in California. The recently opened a new location in Irvine/Costa Mesa area that’s not far from my house compared to downtown LA. I really liked the idea of sharing. All the slices were delicious, and it was nice to share cakes over conversation and see everyone trying and enjoying the different flavours. Perhaps that should be the birthday trend starting this year 😉 Although I have to say the Dean & Deluca chocolate cake my brother ordered for me last year was amazing x


I know some people are tired of being with family all the time, but I feel my time with family is never enough. Perhaps I would change my mind if I live closer to them… But it seriously felt like in a blink of an eye I was back at LAX again taking the plane heading back to Charlotte. Feels like there’s so much more to do, to enjoy, to talk about, and perhaps photos… Luckily I will be going to Taiwan for Christmas to see rest of my family. I am extremely looking forward to that. It won’t be fun to fly so much (connection in LAX and then another 14 hours? to Taiwan) but it will be worth it 🙂 I pray my flight will be very smooth and I get to do and see everyone (and also eat everything) my short time there.

Sometimes I question what’s really the best for myself? I can say right now I have a job that I really like, but I am so far from my family and all of my close friends. I miss Asia a lot especially for the food and the vacation days… US seriously needs to offer employee more PTOs. I am grateful for everything I have right now, but a small part of me still feel sad and unsatisfied because I know how much my family and friends also matter to me… as much as I also have to admit career is something that weights a lot in my head too.

I guess there’s really no best of both world, and right now I should just continue to try my best and head down this path and pray there will be a positive and good surprise to lead me to the next chapter – where I truly belong? I hate moving, I hate distance, and I don’t like being so far from everyone, but the same time I am slowly used to having my own little apartment and being productive… sigh. I wish there’s a perfect answer to solve all the puzzles in my head.

Did any of you do some big damage during Black Friday? I definitely did. I have bought way too much than I should so you’ll probably see me hitting the mall and usps/ups the next couple of days doing a lot of returns 😦 (If only I make more money! I mean… all the deals were amazing x)

What’s your plan for rest of the year before closing 2016? How was your thanksgiving?

Happy Tuesday and before you know it… tomorrow is the last day of November! Time to put on the Christmas sweater, the music, the decorations, and be merry and eat lots 😉



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