act of kindness


Today is the day after the election. I am sure many of you feel the same as me – tired and emotional. Especially if you are on the east coast I bet it was very difficult to wake up in the morning. I definitely stayed up later than usual (perhaps unnecessary) yesterday. As a result, it was an unproductive, space-out, zone-out sort of day at work… oops, sorry, will try harder tomorrow to make up for today.

October was not a very happy month for me, as shared in one of my previous posts, I met a scammer online who purchased my item, used it, claimed it was not as described, and returned the item back to me. The selling website, Mercari, did not do anything to protect me as a buyer. In the end, I not only lose a good quality bag that’s been used by someone sketchy, my money, but also my trust in people. Selling means extra income for the month to spend on food or gas, so I am sure some of you would say it’s not that ‘big’ of a deal but it was to me. In the end I sold the bag for way less than it deserved to a consignment store because it reminds me of the bad memory and I just wanted to get rid off it…. it’s bad luck in my opinion.

November is a new month and it’s also my birthday month so I hope everything would go nicely. Other than the big election yesterday, and some spending on retail, so far it’s been an okay month. I am still getting used to the end of daylight saving and the darkness driving home after work, but work is keeping me busy in a good way – busier than usual, but I’d rather be productive than boring? 🙂

In case you have never heard of the leggings brand called Lularoe, they are sort of a secret craze happening on Facebook and within the US for ladies and kids. They sell buttery soft leggings with unique and fun prints. Leggings are their number 1 popular item, but they also have dresses, skirts, tops… all in nice materials and unique prints. I was introduced by a friend of Lularoe and originally I didn’t really care much about it until I saw the constellation print (shared above from google image) and sleepy foxes. Apparently, these are ‘unicorn’ (aka hard to find products). I was very lucky to find a pair of sleepy foxes but have no luck finding the constellations because it’s an older print that was released before I even know Lularoe, and many people desire them.

I do not want to pay over retail for the leggings because Lularoe is already not cheap. What I do is I try to post ISO (in search of) post on the BST (bid sell trade) Facebook groups hoping perhaps consultants might have them to sell me for retail price. I don’t keep my hope high, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to try. If I get them, awesome, if not I move on… after all they are just a pair of leggings. My favourite constellation, but it’s fine if I don’t get them.

Miracle happen today. Someone responded to my message at one of the Facebook BST groups and told me she has a pair for sell. I was excited… I mean, I can’t believe there’s a brand new pair out there for me! I asked her if she’s interested to trade, or what’s the price she had in mind…

at that moment

a girl jumped into the conversation and said it’s her ultimate unicorn and commented ‘sold’ a minute before me even though I posted the photos and the request. Common sense is that because I am the original poster, I should have the priority but the seller decided to sell it to the girl. I mean it’s whatever, not a big deal, but I was obviously disappointed because I made the effort to post and try to search and someone just jumped right in and sort of ‘steal’ it from me.

I wanted to have somewhere to let out the frustration, and also to seek opinion from other more experienced Lularoe buyer if my ‘common sense’ was accurate. Therefore, I posted at the largest BST group what happened to me. Surprised and touched, I have many people reached out to me and told me I should have the right to purchase and that it was bad move for both the seller and the buyer… Many people offered to help me find that was extremely nice… and then a consultant pop up and told me she would be willing to sell it to be for retail even though she was saving the pair for her store opening that’s coming up.

The consultant did not have to do such act. She could save the pair of leggings to have people bid crazy or price higher for outfit bundles or whatever, but she showed her act of kindness and reached out to me. Many people are manipulative and rude, but I am touched that the fact I believe in the goodness of people still show positive result… I didn’t want to star a war or bash the buyer or the seller, I was just disappointed by the action, and then surprise happened like that.

All I could do to thank the consultant was to write a follow up story about her act of kindness at the BST group to help her gain more members to join her group because as I have heard to officially launch a Lularoe store the consultant needs certain number of people/sell to make it work.


At the end of the day, it’s just a pair of leggings that I could have or not. However, I was touched by how many people reached out to me and offer to help me find. I’ve met some really bad people up to this point in my life, but it’s great to know to never change what you believe or your personality even if the world is not going the way you want. It takes time, sometimes a very long time, but in the end something good would still happen to you. Believe that, and don’t let anything else try to make you change your mind.

If you are a big fan of Lularoe, be sure to check out Melissa’s page

If you have never heard of Lularoe and am interested to check out what it’s all about after reading my post, feel free to check out Melissa’s page on Facebook as well

It’s very important to shop with the right people – there are many consultants out there trying to lie about things to make you pay for the products that are not fit for you.

A tired and sort of stressed out Wednesday turned out to be kind of nice. I will have a lot of catch up to do at work tomorrow to make up for my zoning out today, but with all the goodness that happened today I think I’ll be able to tackle them with a smile and positive mind.

Happy hump day you all 🙂
k. xxx


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