Up to this point of my life, I have always believed the goodness of people. There are many times I’ve been treated wrongly by people, but at the end of the day I still believe people are good. As a first impression, I try not to look or think about the badness of a person, but instead, try to think and tell myself the great things about the person I should look at. More importantly, human are genuinely nice.

This is an extremely tough week for me. Perhaps I should blame myself for it because I think too good of people, and I’ve never been in the type of situation before.

I know Charlotte isn’t the permanent place for me to stay. I’ve been introduced to selling apps in September and started to use it to sell items that are either brand new or I do not need anymore. I figured it’s more effective to sell them for cash to help the items find a new home and when I need to move again at some point I won’t have to worry about having too much stuff. (Although being a girl I am sure there’s no such thing as ‘too much stuff’…because there’s always too much stuff when packing…)

Anyways, I sold a bag via one of the apps that starts with ‘M.’ The buyer approached me and complimented on the bag, Told me it is her dream colour, and asked me if there’s anyway I could lower the price a little bit for her because it’s a tiny bit out of her budget. Having extra cash is always nice, especially I do not really need the bag, so I sold the bag to her.

scammer alert.

Yes, little did I know this is the beginning of a bad week. The buyer did not ask me much question before she decided to purchase the bag. Once I changed the price and she confirmed purchase, she started asking me very strange questions that made me feel worried… The bag was delivered to her personally according to USPS yesterday morning, yet she claimed she did not receive the bag in the first place. By the end of the day she dropped me a message and said she is going to file a claim to return because the item is fake.

In case I did not mention – Although I am new to selling, everything I own is authentic. I don’t sell as a career, just trying to get rid off things I own so I list everything truthfully and honestly and I am always happy to answer questions and work on the price with potential buyers. There is no way the bag I sold her is fake.

I was extremely worried after her way of communication and did some research online only to find out apparently it is one of the scammers’ trend to buy someone’s item in order to swap with the counterfeit they have.

I reported to the selling app M with all the proofs I have – my photos, proof of authenticity, conversation history, etc. All I hoped was the app’s customer service would be willing to further investigate this buyer because she claimed the item is fake and the colour is not she wanted when in the beginning she said this is the dream bag I’ve been dying to have.

contradictory? yes.

Unfortunately, after being very cooperative in the process, the app M still decided to accept the buyer’s return… which means, I have a high potential of getting something back that’s not mine – could be counterfeit, could be damaged. I do not know, and I will not know until the item is shipped back to me.

I am very sad and confused. I don’t know why people do such things. I know internet and online sell is obviously not the safest and there are always risks involved. However… It’s just still very difficult for me to process things like this happen SO FREQUENTLY and that I am a victim of it.


I feel very helpless and honestly very worried because I have no idea what I am going to expect in the return package. Additionally, I am extremely disappointed at how the app react to the situation when no matter how obvious the evidences are, the still decide to take the buyer’s side instead of protecting the seller.

According to them, I can still file a claim if what I receive is not what I sent out… but then I’d argue wouldn’t it be too late? Who is going to compensate the emotional abuse and worries one has to go through to deal with a scammer?

I can not do anything right now… can only cross fingers and hope for the best.


It’s a stressful week because of my health and because of this incident. Otherwise work is going fine and I really like the little heater I now have under my desk to keep my feet warm. Autumn and winter is right around the corner. The little heater is going to be my best pal for the next couple of months.

I am very bitter. I told A and all my close friends and family I don’t want to trust human anymore. Instead of thinking everyone’s nice after this incident I feel it might change my perspective completely and start to think there’s a bad agenda behind people’s intention… It sucks don’t you think? You try to be genuine and nice to everyone but in the end you get hurt because you are being good.

What is humanity? What’s your definition of humanity?



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