Thoughts about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Just a Fan’s Review


It doesn’t matter if you’ve read of Harry Potter or liked Harry Potter, it is safe to say all of us millennials have heard of Harry Potter. For many of us, we can practically say we grow up with Harry Potter. Sometimes I would even refer to it as the ‘good old days’… Remember the pattern to anticipate the new books and the movies? I can no longer remember accurately, but was it every summer a book, and close to winter time release of a new movie? For many years, I would always go to movies together with my friend L. Even nowadays this remain one of our favorite memories growing up – basically from elementary school all the way to college when the series officially ended.

I used to be one of those devoted Harry Potter fans who’d try to search for all the cool goodies. (Thankfully, when you are a kid you did not have a lot of $$ to bid on eBay or online shopping… haha!) But, I still managed to save up my pocket money to buy cool Harry Potter things – notebook, a wand, clock, postcards, stickers… Still love to tell the story of how much I desired the sorting hat book bag in Brisbane that my mom refused to buy me!

Anyways, it was definitely a bitter-sweet feeling when the last book was released. At the same time (at least for me personally), I thought it was a good way to end the book because the closure of the era also means closing one chapter of my life. I don’t love Harry Potter less, but maybe the older I am the more ‘Muggle’ I have become? I think about Harry Potter and the magic world a lot, but I know there’s no way I can get admitted to Hogwarts at this point 😛


To be honest, I didn’t really care all that much when JK Rowling announced she’s writing another book on Harry Potter. For the past few years, I have been quite disappointed by Rowling. Perhaps it’s just me, but being a fan of Harry Potter I sincerely wish it is just about Harry Potter. Rowling has been giving many attempts to try to link Harry Potter series to something that’s happening in the modern world. All I want is the book to remain a classic, Harry Potter and the characters be how they are, and nothing to do with this Muggle world! What difference does it make whether Dumbledore is gay or not? Or, how about Hermione could have been with Harry but ended with Ron? Rowling is the writer. Harry Potter is her own creation, I just don’t get why after so many years she started to reveal information that was never mentioned (or even necessary) in the first place.

That being said, you guess it. Yup, I did not wait in line or get the new book. A. was actually the one who lend the book to me. Still a big fan of Harry Potter, I finished the new book as soon as I could. Man, it was good to be back in the world of Harry Potter!

Well, that was my initial feeling. I went on and on to tell my friends overseas how nice it is to be reunited with the Harry Potter books again…

Then I got frustrated again.

It was not even half way when I started to realize this will never be the Harry Potter series I want to ‘destroy’ my fond memories. There are way too many indirect suggestions or referrals to something that I do not want to find out. So many questions, so many word choices and expressions that I just think it’s too much! (Thoughts anyone?)

I already can imagine what Rowling would comment about the Potter boy-Malfoy boy ‘friendship,’ and what’s with the Harry-Draco relationship? How I wish it’s just a simple, straightforward story!


I love all the revisits to the old books when the boys went on the so-called ‘mission.’ However, as a story itself I felt there’s not a lot of development that would truly satisfied hardcore Harry Potter book lovers. I guess it is possible to say when the author is trying to imply too many messages under the sentences, the story itself got lost in direction?

I am very interested to hear what people think of the book, especially devoted reader / magic-believer people like me. I do not regret reading the new book at all for the sake of completing the Harry Potter epic-ness, but I am disappointed to say I don’t think it was worth the craze or the price. After one read I think is enough.

That said, I am still excited for the new movie coming out in November though? Who’s with me? :)



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