Dear Charlotte, Please Pay Attention to Roads…


I am sure it’s not just me, but everyone must’ve noticed how many apartment construction sites are out there nowadays. Being a young (1 year!) resident of Charlotte, I can already sense the difference of some parts of Charlotte that are slowly being replaced by new apartment complexes or office spaces. Not a bad thing, I mean that’s a sign the city is growing, opportunities are flourishing… Good good good…

Well, it’s all good until your tires get nailed.

At this day and age, especially living in the US, car is basically like your legs. I know someone is probably going to mention ‘public transportation,’ and I also know the fact that living close to uptown means everything’s not THAT far… But, when it comes to work, grocery shopping, little things… Car is important. When your car shows issue = big issue in your life. When your car is happy = you happy. Simple as that.

I have been driving for at least 10 years before I moved to Charlotte. Not saying I am a NASCAR status excellent driver, but I am definitely a careful driver. I take the freeway, the main roads, don’t go to shady area… etc.

Yet, my tire got nailed twice in 6 months.

I am sure a lot of people would say “it’s just bad luck, what can you say?” or, “just suck it up and deal with it, I mean there’s nothing really you can do about it.” Blah blah blah. Well, that’s exactly the attitude I had when my tire got nailed for the first time in my driving career back in April. I told myself it was bad luck, I need to be even more careful, and paid for that expensive tire.

Today, my tire got nailed again.

I take the same route to work everyday. South Blvd. to be specific, and today on my lunch break walking to my car I saw something ‘shiny’ on my tire. I decided to take a look… and yup, as you can see in the picture, big construction nail. My poor tire. And, the rest is history – go to service centre, replace tire, wallet crying.

Perhaps it is ‘bad luck’ again this time, but I think maybe it makes sense to use this platform to urge the construction sites to try to make sure there are no construction nails or whatever hanging on the roads? When I see gravels and little stones in advance on the road I usually do my best to avoid, but sometimes, you just cannot see, and I honestly do not think it is driver’s responsibility to also have to constantly ‘radar’ if there are tiny objects that might kill your tire… Especially on main roads like South Blvd.

I am one of the thousands of residents here in Charlotte, and I am sure I am not the only one that had to experience this in the past year, month, or week. Not criticising anyone or anything in particular, but I just thought perhaps words are powerful, and that there might be a chance this message could be delivered to the hard workers out there? We appreciate your work, and it’s awesome to see new buildings out there changing the skyline of Charlotte… But, if possible, clean the roads or pay a bit more attention to make sure there are no tiny sharp objects that might damage someone’s car?




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