It is October! How to Better Manage Time?




Happy the ‘official’ first week of October everyone!

Can’t believe it’s been a little over a year since I started this blog. I know there’s still a lot I need to work on to improve this blog, perhaps to get more followers, or even to reach out to some companies for partnership, but mainly, I just keep this place as a little space where I can freely write about whatever that I’d like to share to the world. Sometimes I wonder if I should take more initiatives to turn my blog into a ‘real’ thing, but by the end of the day I just decided to go for the more relaxing route…

I know it is only the first week of October, but wow, so much happened in such a short period of time. There is a hurricane coming, which thankfully would not bring too much craziness to the queen city (I hope), and I also get a new manager that means more new things to learn and transition. To think about it, I have been back-to-back saying goodbye to people the past few months. Honestly it sucks, especially when they are the people you care a lot. I sincerely hope October would end this ‘bad’ trend. It’s been difficult having to do that repeatedly. I think all those goodbye and stress about the unknown damaged me a bit.

There’s finally a tiny bit of Autumn sign here in the queen city. It’s been pretty much like Summer til 2 days ago… Probably has to do with the hurricane coming towards this direction tomorrow/Saturday with lots of rain. Hope everyone will stay safe and dry! I always get nervous living in an apartment nowadays when it is hurricane/crazy Autumn weather. I did swing by the grocery store to get prepared in advance though.


Like I have mentioned, I’ve been feel pretty stressed out lately. I am pretty good at time management, but lately I’ve been feeling like I don’t have enough time to do stuff after work. I really need to get better at motivate myself after work when all I want to do is slack off and do nothing.

Here’s my plan, which I hope I can continue to work hard:

work out at the gym every other day for 30min or 60min
go to sleep before 11:30pm. I’ve been constantly failing at this one and it’s really bad.
stick to writing schedule! It’s obviously more fun to watch Japanese drama/surf the net but I am sure if I can push myself to finish the work first it’ll ease my stress level
These are really simple things… to think about it, yet so difficult to achieve! I am still in the process learning everything about my new job. Hopefully I’ll get more responsibilities and more comfortable to learn how to handle the tasks without asking too many question or help.


September went by so fast. It doesn’t seem like October would be that way though… Autumn is my least favorite season. I had so much fun last Autumn experiencing my first ‘fall color’ October with A. This year certainly will be very different.

What’s everyone’s plan for October? I do hope to travel but the plane tickets are expensive! It’s like they do not encourage people to go out and see the cities :/ I wonder how do some of my friends do mini vacay on the weekends and stuff once a month flying here and there… Any tips people? On getting cheap flights and deals?

One more day and it’s the weekend! Aren’t y’all excited?



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