Say hello to my new charger :)


Do you have the habit to keep a portable charger around you? What’s your opinion on portable charger? Unnecessary? Too expensive? Too heavy?

I didn’t get my first smart phone until pretty much the end of 2012 around late November. Ever since the day I switch to an iPhone in 2012, I have the habit to keep a portable charger with me. My first one was an adorable little black piece that can stick directly into the cord… perhaps only 3000mAh that I purchased from the Apple store in Taiwan. I only got to use it for a few month before I moved to Japan and sold the phone/charger everything because I was not able to use that phone in Japan… Stupid rule, but it was required for me to purchase a new phone from Softbank if I want to use an iPhone. (and honestly, having a smart phone when studying abroad with internet is ESSENTIAL. made life 1000 times easier I tell you.) My second charger is the one you can see above, “mophie 5000mAh” that I purchased from the Shibuya Apple store. Yes, I decorated my portable charger with Rilakkuma stickers 🙂 One of a kind, appropriately Tokyo-themed portable charger that belongs to me!

I love the mophie portable charger. It is small, easy to charge/use, and not to mention it is so adorable I’ve had people came up to me and ask me where I got it from, if it’s a limited edition product, etc. etc. etc.

Laugh all you want, but honestly, it did not occur to me not at all that a portable charger would die. I thought it would last forever and that I could just use this charger forever and forever… Even now, I would say I am happy if I can use this charger forever.

I guess after all, there’s a time limit on the portable chargers…

For awhile I have suspected there’s something about my little white mophie charger because it does not fully charge my phone anymore. However, it was not a big issue for me because as long as I get some power I’ll be okay. Additionally, I thought perhaps with the upgrade to an iPhone 6s Plus it might just take more power than the old 5s I have. I continue to use my charger as usual until my Switzerland trip in August…

I’ve done all the research on eateries, spots to see, but somehow I did not remember seeing anything about how Switzerland has a different cord compared to the US. Great. The day when I landed in Zurich, my phone was about to die because there was no where for me to charge my phone at JFK, and I was saving my mophie for emergency.

Well, that was the emergency.

I had to charge my phone after I got my luggage because I need power to stay in touch with my brother. As soon as I got to my hotel with an almost dying phone (only 3% left), I took out my mophie to charge my phone. Sadly, that little thing stopped as soon as it reached 20%. That is when I realise perhaps my thing isn’t working, and that I might need to look into a new portable charger… (In case you are interested in my story, in the end I waited for my brother and used his mega powerful 10000mAh portable charger to quickly charge my phone before we had to downtown for adventure)

Seeing my brother with a nice 10000mAh portable charger traveling without worrying about losing power made me think when I return to the US I need to do some research to get a new portable charger. This time, instead of a 5000mAh, I am going to be looking into something between 10000mAh-20000mAh so that in the future when I travel even if I don’t have access to charge my phone, I have something that I can rely on for at least 2-3 charges.

Being a girl, I originally aim for the super cute cheero danboard 13400mAh charger that’s sold on Amazon. I have always love danboard and decided a long time ago if I ever need to get a replacement I would get danboard. Without doing much research (believing Japanese electronic products should be super reliable,) I didn’t even bother to read the review and placed the order immediately. Unfortunately, I have to say cheero did not work. It completely failed me. Danboard was super adorable (I mean just look at its innocent face!) but the thing did not charge. After 2 attempt working with Amazon on replacement, reading reviews online, trouble shoot, etc. I am sad to say do not buy cheero power plus 3 13400mAh. It is a failed product. I’ve heard good things about the previous versions, but this specific model is defective. After 2 tries I gave up on cheero entirely, and needed to search for a new portable charger (thank you Amazon for speedy 100% refund by the way!). I asked people for recommendation, and finally, per my brother’s recommendation, I was introduced to Anker

After the annoying experience trying to figure out if the portable charger works or not, this time, I decided to do lots of researches on line before I press the ‘order’ button on Amazon. I googled Anker, read reviews, articles, and even Youtube videos. Anker was ranked by many articles as one of the top 5 best portable chargers to have, and many commented on it’s great after sale service, light weight, and powerfulness.

I think, I found THE CHARGER!

I was struggling between the model I purchased and a slightly more powerful one. In the end, I went with the 13000mAh in white because I like the square shape and I don’t want something that’ll look gigantic and impossible to hold. The black one is slightly cheaper, but I just prefer white as a personal taste.

Received the charger last week. Tested out 2 days in a roll and the thing works magic. Initial charge takes about 8 hours, but it’s very powerful, the feel and touch of the product is high quality and well-made, does its job 100%. After confirming the thing works, obviously, I have to do my personalisation to make it one of a kind. This time, I decided to go with the Hello Kitty x Doraemon collaboration style 🙂

I am so glad I found a good replacement for my little mophie. I am still using mophie and do not plan to start using the new one until it completely dies on me. If you are someone looking for a replacement, or just decided to make portable charger purchase, I highly highly recommend Anker! I thought of Sony, but now that I have an Anker I will most likely stick to an Anker because it is great! The price is reasonable, and it’s everything you can ask for for a portable charger. You can easily read the reviews and choose the different models and colours on Amazon. Will not regret!

What type of portable chargers do you guys have? Any one also owns an Anker? Thoughts? I’d be interested to hear what’s your recommendation of a great portable charger!

Happy hump day 😉


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