‘almost’ 1 month of learning, growing, and understanding


1 month? Didn’t you start your new position back in August?!

Well, technically I did. But I went to Switzerland for 10 days right after my start date so mentally I feel it’s more like 1 month for me now. So much happened this month. I’ve learned to say goodbye, be more independent, challenging myself daily to be competent, and so far, still exploring how to deal with everything better.

Honestly there are a lot of challenges. Mostly not from work but mentally and physically prepare myself to know that I don’t really have a support system here anymore. There are friends, there are colleagues, but with A.’s move I don’t really have a confidant whom I can rely on 24/7. It is a slow learning process for me, and I am doing better step by step. Obviously not very fun when I was very used to foodie events and fun stuffs with someone I can openly share my opinion with. If anything, it was a feeling of あんしん。

Anyways, no matter how much I’d like to dwell on that life still has to move on right? Luckily I really like my job. It is so great to be doing what I love again. Corporation, marketing, creative writing… not to mention working with a group of people I can feel a sense of belongingness. I absolutely love the people at my division, and my manager. It is safe for me to say she is the nicest supervisor I had since I started working. A blessing for sure. Although I am very sad she’s relocating soon.

Just last week I officially launched a new campaign that my division’s sales will use throughout US for the next few months. I was very proud and happy. I love writing, but I came to this company with no background on the Adobe suites. I basically had to train myself and learn from the ground up (thanks all the helpful online tutorials nowadays and my amazing supervisor who’s so patient to teach me everything)

I absolutely love the opportunity I’ve been given to learn on hands skill – whether it is copywriting, editing, launch of something completely new, or design campaign materials, I have learned so much discovering and exploring bits and pieces from the previous examples. It is an industry or a division I have zero knowledge before I came. I love to learn new things everyday, encourage myself to be better to better serve the department, and I truly am thankful my supervisors choose me among all the other candidates for this role.

I still have a lot to learn, and a lot of the times I get conscious wondering if I am doing a good job or not. However, all I know is I will continue to put my best effort into developing good materials for the company, and also to be a seasoned marketing personnel 🙂

A lot of the times I feel down, not because of my job, but mainly the situation I am in. I don’t get best of both worlds, but at least nowadays I am happy to go to work, and I feel productive and contributing to something I can see.

It’s too early to tell, or to say anything. But I feel blessed the first month has been wonderful.

I’ve had a lot of negative experience before, perhaps this time, it finally works out the way it should. Maybe like what people said, good things come to those who waited, or been through trials. They make you stronger, more adaptable, and eager to perform well.


Hope everyone’s been having a nice week so far, and that if you love your job right now, continue to do well. If you are in misery, feel free to shoot me a message or speak up. I have definitely been there. Do not make a situation take away your happiness and sanity. It is NOT worth it. Things will turn out for the better. I am a living proof of that.

Good luck to everyone,
k. 🙂 (remember to smile!)


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