It was Perfect – Bridget Jones’s Baby


“All by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myself anymore…”

Bridget Jones. Where do I even start? The first movie was out years ago. In fact, I remember watching the first one when I was in junior high, and fell immediately in love with it. The story was attractive, there was Colin Firth (yup, I basically watch everything with Colin Firth in it. But truth be told, it was Bridget Jones that introduced me to Colin Firth… because Mark Darcy is perfectsorry I got carried away, Bridget is a character that all of us (female) can relate to, and most of all, it was funny with the perfect amount of romance. Oh, and did I mention British accent?

There was the first movie, and then came the second. Bridget was Bridget, Mark was Mark, and of course, the playboy Daniel Cleaver remained the same. Honestly, I thought what made Bridget Jones a hilarious movie is because of the golden triangle – Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant. Somehow, the three of them together just makes sense. The plot was nothing fancy, but humorous. The fight between the boys were silly, but they just got to happen for Bridget right?

I still remember the second movie, “Edge of Reason”. In fact, I own the previous 2 DVDs and have watched them many times. The ending scene with Bridget in romantic lavender purple, the song “your love is king”… I mean, I thought that was the perfect ending. Bridget is going to be with Mark Darcy, and the modern version of happily ever after.

After the second movie, there were talks about the third Bridget Jones, but never really happened. At least, I thought it probably will not happen after all these years. I miss Bridget Jones, and at one point I was considering purchasing the original books, but I heard the books were different compared to the movie, and how it didn’t end up all that nicely with Mark Darcy… blah blah blah, so I hesitate. In my imaginary perfect story, Bridget Jones needs to be with Mark Darcy, and that is that.

I think it was early last year I saw news about the making of the 3rd Bridget Jones. Not going to lie I was so excited. It is happening! Another Bridget Jones story! Originally I was disappointed to find out Hugh Grant decided not to appear in this movie, but well, I am all about Colin Firth anyways so that didn’t bother me too much.

Finally, this Summer, I started seeing trailers, and… Bridget Jones’s Baby is out 9/16/2016!!!

I have the release date down on my planner the entire time, and have planned way in advance I want to watch it the first weekend out. Yet, I hesitate this morning before I go to the theatre…


I mean… we all know Renee looks a little bit different nowadays, Colin Firth is older, there’s the new Patrick Dempsey… How is the story going to be like? Will it be worth the money? Will I like it? What if I am disappointed about the ending? Are they going to ruin my little perfect classic now with technology and *gasp*, Bridget doesn’t even write a journal anymore, she types – using an iPad! I know these are probably silly excuses, but I was just afraid what if the story isn’t what I want. Literally, I kind of grow up not like Harry Potter style, but I mean it’s the type of romantic comedy I fancy, and I just can’t imagine if it turned out poorly…

Well, eff that. It is Bridget Jones. I am going to see it.

I drove to the movie theatre, got my ticket, and picked the perfect seat. Hello old friend, Bridget Jones.

The opening was satisfying, there were small referrals back to the previous 2 movies, and the story was hilarious as ever. It was pleasing to see the characters all matured a bit, aged a bit, and some of them even entered new chapters of their lives in a positive way. I don’t want to give away the story too much, but yes, as you know based on the movie title, Bridget is pregnant but did not know who is the biological dad of the baby.

It was interesting to see the linkage of phrases, terms, etc. to the world we live in nowadays compared to the previous 2 movies. In my mind, I’d say the previous 2 were a bit more traditional, a bit more classic, while this new one has a modern perspective to it. I mean, Bridget isn’t chubby anymore, and we can easily see her as a fairly successful TV producer. She seemed happy, and man was not required in her life, at this stage of her life.

What the cast did to Daniel (Hugh Grant)’s character was hilarious. That totally made me smile. I also like the introduction of Jack (Patrick Dempsey) to the story, but I am bias… Mark Darcy is still the Mr. Perfect, and it’s just so nice to see him on big screen again.

Towards the end of the movie, I was so nervous if the story isn’t going to end the way I want. It was the wedding scene… and…. I mean, the two men were there…

Thank god. *wedding bells* Bridget Jones is officially Mrs. Darcy!!!

I was satisfied, happy, and thought it was the best way to conclude the story. I doubt there will be another Bridget Jones, but I think this one wrapped the story nicely. I will definitely purchase the DVD when it’s out to complete my collection.

Ladies, if you have seen Bridget Jones before and are in doubt whether to see this one or not, it is so worth it! You will love it just like the pervious 2. If you haven’t seen Bridget Jones before, it’s definitely worth a try this time. Bridget Jones isn’t anyone sexy, rich, elegant, etc. She is just a normal girl that we can all relate. I think that’s what makes her classic, and that although there was no surprise in this movie, no crazy action or fancy animation, it was a well-made romantic comedy just the way it should be.

It is Saturday, and my heart is full of joy.

K. x


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