Weekend Agenda – Lazy & Easy Plans around Charlotte [part 1]

Do you secretly start staring at the clock, your iPhone, or work computer screen on Friday afternoons anxiously waiting for the time to show 5pm? Do you plan out your weekends in advance? Or do you google online, take it slow, and just do whatever by following your heart?

Although I am still considered a new resident here in Charlotte, here are some of the things I’ve done and loved on the weekends. Little efforts needed, and honestly, pretty ‘free’ too. I mean, who does not like free stuff? There used to be a saying in college that “free stuff is good stuff” right? 😉

Now, follow me and check out the first 5 plans to start off… I promise it’ll be fun!


Option 1: Jetton Park on Lake Norman
19000 Jetton Road, Cornelius
Parking fee $3 (Mecklenburg county)

When it’s not too hot, I think having a nice day out at the park is always fun. The only thing you’d have to pay is parking. Always an option to have friends  join for a small hike, bring your own food for an outdoor picnic, or just walk around to enjoy the wonder of nature and great view of Lake Norman.



Option 2: Charlotte Uptown Museums
Mint Museum, Levine Museum of New South, Wells Fargo Museum, etc.
FREE! (First weekend of every month – BoA / Wells Fargo card holder)

One Friday evening I ran into a guy who works as an art council for Wells Fargo. He told me the first weekend of every month the museums in uptown are free. One weekend I decided to tour the museums in uptown. They were fabulous! My favourite was definitely Mint Museum with a lot of neat exhibitions and art pieces. Wells Fargo was a lot of fun, too. It was neat to experience how a carriage ride would be like back in the days. #notmything. Tip#1: Start your adventure by parking your car next to Levine Museum of New South (7th street public parking), and the lady at the museum can validate your parking for free! Tip#2: Hungry? Remember to swing by 7th street Public Market to enjoy some of the most affordable and delicious food in town! My favourite is bonsai sushi. You’ll have to tell me what’s your favourite.



Option 3: Davidson College/Davidson
405 N. Main Street, Davidson

Davidson College is about 30-35min away from Charlotte. Easy drive taking I77 towards Statesville and get off at exit 31. Quietness of the town would make you feel you are in New England. School buildings are beautiful and historical (lots of Pokestop around the area as well). Great weekend location to bring a book, a tumbler of tea or coffee, find a nice spot, and enjoy. Remember to pay a visit at the Ben & Jerry. I mean… college campus and ice cream just go perfect. We can all pretend we are in college again.



Option 4: Classic Charlotteans Freedom Park picnic ft. Price’s Chicken Coop
Price’s Chicken Coop $7-12 (1614 Camden Road, Charlotte)
Freedom Park (1900 East Blvd., Charlotte)

Before I came to Charlotte, my friend shared me a Youtube video that introduced me to Price’s Chicken Coop (known as the best fried chicken), and some famous Charlotte sites that include the Freedom Park. They do romantic picnics at Central Park… so why not give it a Charlotte twist? Park picnic and fried chicken. Yum! Bring your big towel, large blanket, books, games, and fried chicken. (Don’t forget your sweet or unsweet tea!) Find a nice spot at the park with shade. Enjoy! It was so fun and I would not want to have my Price’s Chicken Coop any other way.



Option 5: Crowders Mountain hike
522 Park Office Ln., Kings Mountain

*Caution: Avoid this when it’s steamy hot…*
About 20-25 minutes drive away from Charlotte, there’s the Crowders Mountain State Park. I am no professional hiker and my ideal work out is the apartment gym, but even I found this a trip worth going. It’s free, and the view at the top was amazing that I’ll never forget. When the weather is nice and clear, you get to see the perfect Charlotte skyline! #instagramworthy. Just be careful the 336 steps towards the end would be a challenge.

Now, which one is your favourite? Or, which one would you like to try this coming weekend? Have fun, and stay tuned for other easy weekend options around Charlotte area. Effortless fun is the best!

High five,
k. 🙂



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