Food Adventure: Mint Indian Cuisine

Are you a fan of ethnic food? Lover of diversity? Or, perhaps, just a foodie in general?
If you are one of the above, this is the right place for you. Because I am about to disclose an amazing Indian restaurant that is so good.

I didn’t get a lot of exposure to Indian food growing up. I love naans, I absolutely love curry, but that’s that. My mom loves Indian food. There was a family-run Indian restaurant with all you can eat buffet that my mom always craved. However, when there’s a lot of choices in Southern California… sorry mom, I would always prefer something else 😛 Strangely enough, I didn’t start to love Indian food until I was in Tokyo, Japan. There was an Indian restaurant called “Tariya” that was right next to the building I had most of my classes. The food was amazing, the price was decent, and it’s the most convenient place for classmates and friends to hang out. I do not know why, but there was a lot of good, authentic Indian restaurants in Tokyo.

I haven’t had Indian food in a long time. Last time I had good Indian food was October 2015 in Asheville at Cha Pani.

Here in Charlotte, especially around South End, I’ve heard good things about Copper. I’ve seen the menu, read the reviews… Everything’s awesome, except I don’t think my wallet would be happy if I pay a visit there 😦 (sorry, Copper has to wait for some special occasion)

Well then, if it is not Copper, where is this amazing Indian food place?! Thanks to A.’s recommendation, I present you… Mint Indian Cuisine in Mooresville.

A. and I went to Mint for lunch one day. They have all you can eat buffet during lunch time as well, but instead of the buffet, we decided to go with the menu because A. highly recommended some of the items he got to try his first time there.


There were so many delicious items on the menu that I wish to try all of them… But in the end, we decided to share the dal soup ($4) and chicken-65 ($7) as starter. The portions were large, and most important of all, they were mind blowing delicious. I was not a big fan of lentil, so when A., who doesn’t even like soup, said it’s a must-order, I had a question mark in my mind. However, when I had the first sip, no more questions. The creamy soup was amazing. I am honestly have it everyday for lunch… If only Mooresville isn’t so far!


The chicken starter was very delicious. Generous portion! The taste was wonderful. Reminds me of the Indian restaurants I went before. The special red sauce brings so much flavour to the chicken. I would say this is more of an entree portion than starter. (Of course, I had to box them home).


As for main entree, we both got the butter chicken masala ($12) that comes with rice, and 2 side orders of garlic naan ($2.5 each)… because A. claimed the curry was so good just the rice was not enough for him…

As expected, the entree was amazing. Super delicious. Cannot find appropriate words to describe. The sauce, the flavour, the spice… Everything was perfect. The garlic naan goes perfect with the butter chicken masala. In the end, I had to box all of my rice because I simply cannot finish all the deliciousness we ordered that lunch. Guys, if you love Indian food, it’s probably best to order a side of naan to go with the amazing sauce. Girls, if you are not a big fan of leftover, stick to the rice. But, if you are a leftover ‘trooper’ like me, make sure to get the naan and just box the rice and curry home for another meal (win-win).

We definitely ordered a bit too much food than we should that day. We haven’t had good Indian food in a long time, and we were both very hungry. People at the restaurant were really nice and attentive, and I believe the owner? was very happy when I told him how much I loved the soup and everything we got to try that afternoon. Don’t you agree? People who makes amazing food should always be recognised. Good food makes everyone happy!

I know Mooresville is a bit of a drive, but Mint is super worth it. Plan your trip there for a weekend of food adventure. The price, the service, the food… I guarantee you’d want to return again and again because that’s exactly what I am planning right now 😛

Mint Indian Cuisine

Open daily
Buffet: 11am to 2:30pm/3pm
Dinner: 5pm to 9:30pm/10pm
Tel: 704-660-8899
Address: 591 River Hwy, Suite N, Mooresville NC 28117

k. x


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