Cuteness Overload – Rilakkuma Cafe <3


Look at this bear? Isn’t he cute??? 😀

In case you did not know (you will know now), I am a BIG fan of Rilakkuma. I cannot even remember how I got introduce to this bear, but I have been a hardcore fan for as long as I remember. If there’s something about ‘Rilakkuma’ and within my ability, you will probably find me there 😛 For the longest time, (perhaps even now) I thought it would be the coolest dream come true to be able to work at San-X, Rilakkuma’s company.


I’ve heard about Taipei opening a Rilakkuma cafe awhile back, but didn’t think I would have the chance to visit because it seemed very popular. Luckily, my mom was able to ask the staffs in advance before I went to Taipei and we used Ez Table to reserve a table in advance. The shop is located fairly close to one of the MRT stations on the blue line (ban-nan line) at Chunghsiao Dunhua stop. I’d say from the MRT exit to Rilakkuma cafe would take about 10 minute walk. Not too bad, especially in dongchu there are a ton of small shops and street vendors selling goodies that can make you forget about the 10 minute walk 😛


Due to my very tight schedule in Taipei, we reserved the earliest slot of the day, and were one of the first customers to enter the restaurant. Perks being the first group of the day is you get to take photos of the restaurants all empty 😉 Before you know it, the restaurant will be filled with customers.

The moment I stepped in to Rilakkuma cafe, it was like paradise. The design, the goodies, the Rilakkumas. They were everywhere!


As you can see, they also have a small section of Rilakkuma goodies that you can get a 10% discount if you dine at the cafe. Obviously, I had to get something. I got a small Rilakkuma that I use for my “travel the world with my lil pal” Facebook album, along with a pink valentine’s theme umbrella to use in Taipei. Unfortunately, there was no “store-limited’ products at the Rilakkuma cafe when I went. Hopefully at some point they’ll start to develop store limited items!


Everything was Rilakkuma themed. I was so excited and cannot wait to share the photos I took with A. and all my other friends who know my love for this little bear. It was such an amazing day I could not forget.


Towards the back of the cafe, there’s a little section with the special Rilakkuma sofa and shelves. I have seen advertisement of Rilakkuma furnitures when I was studying in Japan. They are not cheap, and customised. Hard to believe the store has them side by side. As imagined, I had to take a photo here. This is the perfect profile photo environment 🙂 If only I can have that type of furnitures at home… So sweet!


Restroom is also something be sure to pay a visit (even just to wash your hands!). Rilakkuma shape mirror, soap bottle, wall decor, posters… It’s actually a nicely arranged restroom that can make you feel relaxed! I definitely gave their restroom a big plus, because in my past experience I’ve been to character’s cafe that has sad restrooms… I am sure most of you would agree with me that no matter how good the food is, it is important to have a nice and clean restroom area for the guests.


As for food… originally, we did not have high expectation for the food because we’ve been to a couple of character-themed cafes before, and although they were all stinking cute, the food were overpriced, small potion, and just… meh :/

At Rilakkuma cafe, it is required for everyone to order a beverage. This is not the friendliest request in my opinion, but seem to be the norm nowadays in Taipei (and also in Tokyo when I lived there). I am assuming it’s just easier to make money by requesting everyone to get a drink?! Although I did not like the rule forced upon the customers, Rilakkuma actually has pretty good beverage selections. Instead of the usual, boring, and extremely easy to make ice tea, fruit tea, coffee, etc. They have a variety of drinks that are Rilakkuma-themed. For example, strawberry smoothie, fresh pressed juice, etc. I tried the kiwi+apple+honey fresh juice that day. It was delicious! My mom had the blueberry yogurt smoothie (comes with Rilakkuma jelly) and even she approved of it! (That’s kind of a big deal because my mom is usually very picky about food, especially at a character cafe)

I ordered friend pork cutlet (katsu curry) curry and shared a Rilakkuma cheesecake with my mom as dessert. They were very tasty! Like, I know they are SUPER cute, but that’s not it – the food was actually good. Most people probably come for Rilakkuma, but even as a cafe itself the food was great! I guess it is appropriate to say, the perks of dining at Rilakkuma cafe is you get the enjoy good food, and cuteness overload to brighten your day 😉


Could you eat that when the kawaii face is staring at you? 😛 The truth is, I did not eat the ‘face’. The cheesecake was really good, but I let my mom destroy the face because it was simply too cute for me to eat. (She said the chocolate was good, haha)

For those of you who travels to Taipei and plan to have a fun shopping day at Dongchu. Rilakkuma cafe is a great choice whether for lunch, afternoon dessert, or dinner. Just remember to try to book from EZ table in advance. I believe they reserve a few tables for people to wait at door, but it’s not guaranteed you’ll be able to dine with the large crowd of people and their seasonal changing menu! It is also possible to to-go Rilakkuma cupcakes and honey cake (kasutera) in nicely decorated Rilakkuma box (Rilakkuma meets honey theme). I heard they are good! Still haven’t had the chance to try, but definitely will next time when I am in Taipei 🙂

Do you like Rilakkuma? Have you heard of Rilakkuma? If you have, I hope you’ll consider going to this restaurant when you have a chance. If today is your first time, welcome to the wonderful world of Rilakkuma! :]

Rilakkuma Cafe Facebook page

Have an awesome long weekend,
k. ❤


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