Desire to Escape the Modern World for a few hours? VVG Hideaway.


“Wouldn’t it be nice to just escape from this mess?”
“If only I can get out for a few hours…”
“The world is such a chaotic and crazy place…”

Have you ever had thoughts like that? Or, just simple not guilty desire trying to be somewhere than wherever you are at the moment? *raise your hand*

I have. In fact, I think about it from time to time when there are things I don’t want to deal with, or sometimes, it’s just the ‘first world problem’ that I feel I just want to be somewhere to zone out for the sake of sanity.

VVG Hideaway is the right place for you if you just need a few hours of getaway or recharge. It is somewhat conveniently located close to the heart of Taipei at Yangming Shan (also known as Yangming Mountain). To my understanding, it’s possible to get here by bus with a little bit of walk and help from GPS. Or, it might just be easier to get a cab or uber to get right here – perfect to sightsee Yangming Shan and just throw in this location as a lunch or afternoon tea spot. Reservation in advance recommended.


I was able to make a trip back to Taipei late March early April (I know it’s been awhile), and I was very lucky to have the chance to visit this gorgeous spot with my mom and her friends. I’ve heard of VVG Hideaway awhile back – perhaps when I was still working in Taipei because VVG is a group that has concept stores with different theme throughout Taipei city. I’ve been to VVG BonBon (permanently closed) when I was in high school that’s themed like a beautiful French patisserie shop with light food, cup cakes, sweets, and beverages.

Like Tokyo, Taipei is known for thousands of concept cafes, restaurants, and shops on main streets and hidden alleys. How did VVG Hideaway stand out?
1) It’s part of the VVG Collection
2) Dramas were filmed here
3) It’s actually not as easy to access since it’s hidden in the mountain, thus the name ‘Hideaway’


My mom’s friend made a reservation for our large group way in advance and we drove up for lunch. Originally, there were only 4 of us who planned on going, but after my mom found articles about this place and shared with her friends, everyone was amazed and all wanted to come see 😛 (power of internet? or I guess power of photos in this case)


My mom’s friend knows the area fairly well so she knew where to park for free (yay for free parking) and we walked for about 8 minutes to the restaurant. From the outside you cannot tell it’s a restaurant. It looks like one of many chateaus in the mountain. There’s a small bronze sign that says “VVG Hideaway” and a staircase that’ll lead you to the restaurant.

When you take the stairs, slowly, you know you are entering a different world – covered in ivys and greens.


(My favourite table, but only good for 2-3 people)

All the tables and chairs are one of a kind at VVG Hideaway. In my opinion I don’t think there’s a ‘perfect’ spot because all the tables provide you a different view of the restaurant. There’s the green house section, bookstore section, English plates and cups section, big window of greens section, and a window & frame section. Everyone is free to walk around the restaurant to take photos and enjoy. In fact, I saw people taking professional photo shoot and magazine photo shoot while we were dining.


During our time there, we had truffle fries, mushroom sandwich, Thai soup & rice, etc. etc. etc. To be honest, I wouldn’t really recommend the meal. I’d suggest it’s a better choice to come here for afternoon tea – some beverages and a slice of cake to enjoy the atmosphere would be perfect. The food were overpriced and not very good. Therefore, if you are planning of coming, please do not give high expectation on the food – perhaps it makes more sense to come for small eats and go somewhere else for food… After all Taipei is known for super cheap street eats that you’ll still mouth water about them when you are away (like me right now).

It was a lovely late Spring afternoon spent at VVG Hideaway. I felt I was able to recharge and just relaxed at this wonderful place that reminds me of a modern forest filled with spice fragrant, beautiful greens, perfect sunlight, and wonderful people.

Thinking perhaps I need another hideaway spot now. How about you?

Hump day wisdom – it’s okay to seek escapism from time to time,
k. x





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