a week of changes


As title stated, this is a week of changes for me. Some good, some bad, some big, some small. The week went by fast, and before I know it tomorrow is already Friday. Where did all the time go? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself all the time lately. If only I could pause the time for a bit I think will do me good.

I start a new position this week, and tomorrow I am traveling to Switzerland (for the first time!) with family. I haven’t done a long away trip with family in awhile – almost forgot how stressful it is to try to make sure I pack everything to my suitcase! I am usually good and efficient at packing, but because of some small drama I accidentally left my polaroid charger in California… I thankfully discovered yesterday before it’s too late, I definitely took more time to pack for this trip than usual. Perhaps it also has to do with my emotion and all the other things going on in my life right now.

Am I excited to explore Switzerland and get away from the heat for awhile? Yes please! However, there’s a part of me kind of wondering if this is a good time for the trip because I do feel like perhaps I could use this time better than traveling… Although the trip was planned way in advance that I could not foresee or do anything about. Life is not perfect. If I could choose perhaps I’d postpone the trip… but then that probably would not work out okay since I just started a new position.

Yup, as you can probably feel, I’ve been on a big and bad emotional roller coaster lately. Too much stuff happening all in such a short period of time and I just don’t know how to handle. Admittedly, I am still trying to play the easiest, but perhaps also the worst card – to pretend nothing’s happening and that there’s still hope left.

You just never know right? Not to mention it does not ever hurt to dream.

Dream on. Dream strong.


I look forward to exploring a country I have never been. When I am more settled into my new role I will plan to write more travelogues on the trip. It should be a lot of fun! I have my iPhone and polaroid ready to take a ton of awesome photos to share 😉 It’s always fun to explore somewhere new, not to mention who knows if I’ll have to chance to revisit again in this lifetime?

Thankful for family to plan this precious and meaningful trip for all of us to be together to spend a few days at the same place. It’s been a tough year trying to see everyone, and I do treasure this special opportunity.


So far my new department / role all seem great. Probably need more time to learn and get used to the environment and all (and I don’t want to jinx myself!), but all in all it’s been a good (and fresh) new beginning for myself to be another step closer to my dream and goal. #backtomarketing 🙂

I have been struggling quite a bit lately that involves nightmare, emotional breakdown, stress, and migraine. Everyday when I stare at the countdown app I am horrified by the little time I have left with A. (plus I will be away for the trip). I still don’t know how to handle this situation, and I doubt I’ll ever find a resolution because I do not absolutely do not want it to happen as much as it’s basically set and stone at this point…

If I am given one wish right now… Honestly, I’d ask for more time. More time together here in the Carolinas. 1 year is not enough. There’s still so much to see, to explore, to learn, to watch, to try, and to experience.

Basically 1 day left when I am back from my trip… It’s going to be brutal. Don’t ask me how I am going to deal with it because I do not know how. I probably will just break down & my Switzerland jet lag…

Pray for more time. Pray for safe travel. Pray for miracle.

Please send good juju my way x much appreciated xxx



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