Happy July 4th :)


“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air” – Emerson
Great quote, breezy background, the perfect summer vibe…

Happy July 4th everyone!

I hope y’all had a lovely and wonderful celebration. I can only imagine for those who did not take the 5th off it must be a tough day. This is a question I cannot help but wonder since I am back in the States working – I know it does not make a whole lot of difference for those who gets summer vacation, but it is sort of cruel to expect everyone to return to ‘normal’ schedule on the 5th right? I mean… it doesn’t matter which day of the week it is (obviously sweet if it falls on a perfect Friday or Thursday…), the fireworks always happen on the 4th evening. And actually, with this big summer sunshine, the fireworks do not start until pretty late in the evening. That means, we probably all stayed up a bit late to have fun. Yet, we are expected to go straight back to the ‘mode’ the next morning. Good morning 8am alarm.

I know some companies automatically get the 5th off, but not every company does that. What are your thoughts? Should the 5th be a semi-easy day to help everyone adjust back to the normal schedule? Or, it should just be an extended holiday? 🙂


(rainbow colored Duke Energy tower for the first time!)

What did everyone do on the 4th this year? Fun adventures or travels to share?

When I was working and living in Asia, July 4th is just another day of steamy heat and work or class. Back in the US, July 4th we usually just go to downtown Disney to watch the fireworks, spend time with family, and sometimes lucky enough to see special celebration fireworks at the perfect spot right in front of my house for free. I’ve never really done anything fancy, and in fact, never lighted fireworks before.

Something’s gotta change this year!

July 4th 2016, I have the wonderful chance to plan a mini getaway way in advance. I went to Charleston to tour the city a bit, and also got to see the fireworks in Charleston at an artsy roof top bar – awesome view of the fireworks by the river. (post about Charleston trip coming up soon!)

I am really glad and thankful I got to spend this year’s July 4th with some special people and had a blast. I hope you all did too. Certainly an unforgettable experience and lots of great memories of good and bad – little did I know (I wish somebody told me!) Charleston summer would be so much like Taipei. It was hot and steamy and humid. Just the worst combination you could possibly imagine! I wish I had more energy and mood to see the city a bit more, but I guess I would just have to wait for another time…

Overall, it was fantastic. I might’ve gotten sunburned, might’ve gotten frustrated and grumpy because of the weather, but I still would not trade the experience. Because we shall live in the moment right? 😉


The upcoming weeks will be busy and full of (hopefully) good and positive news! Looking forward to going back to CA for a bit to be with family, touring SF again, and also continue to cross fingers hoping miracles would happen – believe, faith, and miracle x

I haven’t had the best luck with my apartment lately, but I hope all the issues will resolve. Live and learn right? Plus, no matter where we are we gotta believe positive vibe positive life!

Summer is lake season in the Carolinas, for someone like me who is not okay and adaptable to the humidity and heat, it’s probably best to sip that unsweet tea in a nice room seeing sunshine from inside 😛

A short post hoping everyone’s doing great, and that perhaps we are still feeling a little bit ‘red, white, and blue,’ the celebration was over — luckily weekend is right around the corner. There’s always something to look forward to. Just need to find the right direction 🙂

Be positive, and cheers to you all for beginning of a great and cool July,
k. xxx

photos taken by instagrammer klisbeth831 -> follow her 🙂


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