Hot Summer Challenge: Bike & Snack @ Kid Cashew


Happy Summer not so happy heat!

What do you do in the summer when it is hot outside? Not to mention the glorious humidity? Do you tend to cave in at home and blast the AC? Or are you the type of person to do lake party, pool party the entire summer all day everyday? Or perhaps, you’ve got other awesome ideas that you do not mind to share with the rest of us who struggles to do something fun in the summer that ideally does not involve a lot of movie theatre trips or mall shopping? 😉

Now, I am about to share a personal experience/plan on what to do when it is very hot on a Saturday. *Caution: heat*

One Saturday because there’s just nothing better to do, A. and I decided it would be a lot of fun (and environment friendly!) to bike around the queen city. I’ve actually done a scavenger hunt in December with colleagues using the city bike that was awesome, so I thought yeah, we could get some exercise done and explore the city a bit more…bike view instead of car view!

Our Original Plan:
Start at South End by light rail Bland station -> bike to Freedom Park -> walk around to enjoy the park -> find a nice spot for lunch -> bike some more -> return bike and call it a day

Sounds awesome right? Biking and food sounds about right! But oh wait, did I mention we decided to start our adventure Saturday at 11:30am? Exactly when it started to get burning hot, and the weather forecast for the day was 100 degree. (yikes)

So, as you readers can imagine. The fun bike plan turned out to be more like sun-killing-burning-me adventure. It was not even that far, but by the time we made it to Freedom Park we were sweating like pigs. I did not want to go anywhere, I just wished we could’ve stayed in a nice comfy AC room lol

Our stomachs were growling, and instead of being enthusiastic to walk or bike around for other options, luckily Kid Cashew was really close to Freedom Park. I’ve read an article on Charlotte Agenda about Kid Cashew before, and thought it would be an appropriate destination for lunch.


I am usually a big fan to dress up nicely to go to pretty restaurants. The moment I walked into the restaurant, I told A. I wish I am wearing a summer dress instead of workout outfit…and sweating :O The interior design is welcoming. I love the mix and match of tables and chairs, the sort of American / modern romantic twist of atmosphere, and not to mention, the smell of delicious food! It was really cool to discover the restaurant sort of planted their own herbs outside the restaurant. Summer breeze sure brought the awesome basil fragrance.


Because we are at an awesome looking restaurant that I’ve been looking forward to try at some point. Of course, I have to take photos. Especially love this little spot with the round mirror that reflects a bit of the restaurant vibe, summer romance, telephone… and me!


I also love this centrepiece chandelier that can be considered like the ‘master art’ at the restaurant. Somehow that Saturday late lunch time Kid Cashew was not as busy as I imagined, but I can easily picture early evening cocktail party, summer wedding banquets, girl’s night out, or couple’s date at this location. The dim light, the ambience… they all add that ‘extra’ to making Kid Cashew a cool place in town.


Originally we were planning to have a big fat meal, but unfortunately, the sun and heat made both of us tired and we decided it probably would make more sense to have something small to avoid feeling sick to bike back. There were a lot of fun things that showed on the menu, but in the end we settled for the hummus plate, mac n cheese, and the famous octopus appetiser – which I’ve been craving a lot since I saw a review about it.


The ginger ale beer tasted great, and was super appropriate to cool down. I loved the fresh carrots and celeries! They were so sweet! I am usually not a big fan of mac n cheese, but Kid Cashew’s mac n cheese was great, and I’d say they go super awesome with the carrots and celeries. Yum! The octopus were delicious too. I love how soft they were. The lemon added extra flavour… and it was also an interesting approach to have that vinegar / olive oil base.

I am so glad we were able to visit Kid Cashew sort of as the gem of the bike trip that Saturday. The food was great, and I definitely would love to return for entrees, or to bring friends over when they come visit.

If you run out of ideas to do on the weekend, and actually not afraid of the heat, feel free to take up this challenge! Bike around the local neighbourhood, and find a fun restaurant to try. It’s worth it, and you can always think about that hot summer day you decided to do something a little crazy, a little foolish, but a lifetime long of laugh and memory!

so close to the weekend again, join us for another ride?
k. 😛


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