Friday Afternoon Thoughts


Happy 1st week of Summer and Friyay everyone 🙂

Are you dreaming of a vacation, a getaway spot, a trip of wanderlust? I am looking at this gorgeous photo of San Francisco golden gate bridge and definitely looking forward to the mini trip I’ll be going in July to visit brother. Last time I went to SF was high school, so it’s been awhile. I am excited to see the SF scenes and try the delicious food with family. Moreover, nothing’s better than insider tour to see and explore the best of the best!

Nothing much going on over here. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t felt as inspired to write as much as I should. It’s nice to be relaxed, especially when it is summer ( and I definitely feel healthier) but when daily routine is pretty much the same it gets a bit tiresome, and actually makes me a bit worried.

I know Summer is about fun, relaxation, lazy, slow, vacation, etc. But the same time it’s like I have a plan for myself, and I started to get conscious when things aren’t moving along / coming together. It’s awesome I’ll be going on my first ever The Notebook trip to Charleston for July 4th, and also will be in CA for awhile to spend time with family, but I still really wish things would be more confirmed and finalised ideally before the end of Summer… or more like anytime soon! Apartment lease is coming up, and it just feels like a lot of decisions I need to make… Pray that I have the courage and wisdom, and most important of all, positive mind to make everything work.


Staying positive is very important. I tell myself everyday. We see pinterest posts, instagram quotes, etc. Yet, it is so difficult to stay positive. Sometimes it almost feel like one thing after another – human & stress & worries are always side by side. I wonder is it really difficult to be ‘happy’? Or it is really the uncertainties, unsettlement, desire to be better (or for more) to make us succeed? Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what is the ‘right’ decision, or ‘what ifs’… Being content is so difficult. Why can’t things just work out themselves for the best? :O

My mama always say organisation, cleanness, and positiveness will bring good luck and good fortune. I truly believe that. I remind myself all the time but somehow it’s just much easier to sort of go to that dark corner and feel annoyed, worried, and scared about the unknown and unseen. ><

I feel like I need to getaway for a bit, but there are also things I do not want to let go. Perhaps the upcoming trips will be the best solution to just enjoy and not think, not try to predict the future (so hard.) I do miss California a lot lately, even Taipei too


Anyways, just because it is Friday, the weather is nice (and hot) out, I am telling myself to give an exception today to just not think and relax.

Be awesome, be great, be what you want to be today
because it is Summer, because it is Friday

Take care everyone, and have a wonderful Friday of fun x
k. (smile, and be positive.)


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