Craving MORE Lady M Cakes -Revisit the Gallery at South End


Couple weeks ago I have written an article about my discovery of delicious Lady M cakes here in Charlotte at a lovely gallery at South End. The article eventually was edited and published by Charlotte Agenda -> Read here 🙂

It’s the second time my article has been selected by Charlotte Agenda to be published, and I am assuming because we are all foodies (whether we like to admit or not), so to my surprised, I’ve had as of now 2930 people who’ve read my article! Food sure makes an impact on people’s life. Especially super delicious New York / world-famous Lady M cakes 😛

So, why am I writing another post about the same delicious cake? Does it really deserve another post? Ultimately, they are just cakes… right?

Here’s the story

Sad but true, I was the victim to my own writing. The day my article was published, I was very excited to read it from Charlotte Agenda’s website in the morning, and I read again in the afternoon because I was interested to find out how many people have read my article by that time. (for your information, it was a Friday)

Then… after I see the photos and my own description about the cakes, I crave the cakes. Yeah, I know, I read my own writing, saw the photos I took, and I was like “ahhh, I need to have the cakes. I really really want the cakes!” That’s basically what I texted A.

A. agreed after dinner we’ll go to the Gallery to get me some Lady M cake to fulfill my craving. It was hard for me to decide whether to get the original mille crepe, the green team mille crepe, or both. (yes!)

On our way to the Gallery, A. joked about how we should tell the staff that I wrote an article about them and it was published by Charlotte Agenda. I kind of laughed about it but being a shy person, I did not plan to do it… because it is awkward. I just said ‘yeah, I should tell them how much I love the space and the cakes… and maybe they can give me a VIP card or something.’

We got there, and they ran out of green tea mille crepe. That made the decision easy – original mille crepe it is! A. decided to casually asked the staff if she had the chance to read Charlotte Agenda that day, the staff said no, and asked why… Finally, I had the courage to show her the article and told her I wrote it *blush* The staff got pretty excited and went to the back room… Then the manager, Ana, came out and thanked me for my writing. She wanted to treat me cakes for free! I thanked her for her generosity and said we just wanted the original mille crepe. A. and I found a nice and quiet corner (our favourite spot at the gallery) and waited for our delicious cake.

Few minutes later, the staff brought 3 slices of cakes for us – the manager wanted us to try the different flavours – original mille crepe, cheesecake, and summer limited citrus mille crepe! That was so nice of Ana. I was surprised, happy, and grateful for the amazing cakes.


Ana came by to talk to A. and I a bit more after we started eating the cakes. I really enjoyed the conversation, and discovered more interesting facts about the gallery that most of the art works were done by Ana’s husband / Ana herself. They wanted to open a gallery that’s not super crazy, but offer a quiet and artsy spot for people to host events, enjoy art, South End charm, and amazing food / beverages… and of course, my favourite Lady M cakes 😀


It totally made my Friday night, and I was so happy to feel as a fact that writing not only brings myself joy, but also bring other people joy and happiness. I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce this amazing spot to people I’ve never met or known through Charlotte Agenda. I love this hidden gem, and I will definitely come back very frequently because I am just so addicted to the delicious creamy Lady M cakes and beautiful art pieces surround the space.

If you ever have the chance to come visit Charlotte, be sure to pay them a visit. Have a conversation with Ana, she’ll tell you all the interesting stories about the art work 🙂

now I think I am craving the cakes again *gasp*
k. ❤

The Gallery at South End
1320 South Church St.
Charlotte NC, 28203


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