lazy Saturday afternoon fun @ Lake Norman Mini Golf


Do not lie, I know all of us if not all the time, 90% of the time look forward to the weekend, because weekend means work-free, stress-free, and complete relaxation doing things (or nothing) we love.

Do you usually plan your weekend plans in advance? Or do you prefer to go with the feeling and do things spontaneously instead? To this point I am pretty sure my readers all know I am sort of a helpless planner – yes, although I do not plan my weekends step-by-step, generally speaking I still prefer to have a ‘rough idea’ of what I do on the weekends (that always involve grocery shopping of course!).

One Saturday, A. and I sort of ran out of things to do. We’ve talked about some ideas for the weekend, but due to poor weather we decided to cancel our original plan to wait for another time. A shopaholic / major fan of window shopping, I am of course always down to go to the mall, but that’s definitely not the case for A. Originally we wanted to have Olive Garden for some Italian lunch, but the wait was too long so we ended up having Chick-fil-a (I love chick-fil-a!!!). We stopped by the bookstore, walked around Birkdale Village… even got some afternoon oreo cupcakes and tea at Whole Foods… and then we ran out of things to do. The weather was bipolar, and it was difficult to tell whether it’s going to rain or not.

A. looked up on line and suggest we should try mini golf. I’ve played mini golf a couple of times growing up, especially during high school, but I have no recollection of whether I am good at it or not… I am saying that because I get pretty competitive when it comes to playing games, and it was NOT fun when I thought I was good at bowling and made a complete joke out of myself in front of A. let’s forget about that *wiping off memory* I did not know how, but A. managed to find a decent looking mini golf place called Lake Norman Mini Golf and suggested if it stopped raining we should go for a game.

I agreed – I just couldn’t think of anything else to do that day even though I was in a really cute outfit and my new awesome bag handmade from London.


A. and I arrived when the rain just stopped. The mini golf course looked a bit wet but we still decided to give it a try. The facility looks nice, and I definitely liked how we get to choose our own preferred colour golf club and golf balls. (Yup, I went with an awesome purple golf club and pink golf ball)


I liked the layout of the mini gold course a lot. You get to see fake animal paw prints along the way, the facility is well-maintained, and it gives you a sense of an adventure at the river-front (or something like that, you get the idea)

Did I do well?
Haha. Nope. Not at all. Once again, I thought I was okay and turned out I did horribly… But it doesn’t really matter because overall I had an awesome time with A. I haven’t been to mini golf in years and I am really glad I gave myself a chance to try. Perhaps I would argue no one is good at mini golf, but the most important thing to take out of the experience is the wonderful time you get to share with the people you went with.


Before we concluded our mini golf adventure, I looked up the sky, and it was oh-so-lovely like a painting. Afternoon pouring added some colour to the sky, and the late sunset and low clouds also made that Saturday afternoon extra pretty.

Make sure to try the trivia questions written on the window when you return the club and ball. If you get 2 out of 3 correct you’ll get a discount for your next visit! I obviously failed every question, but being an expert of American history, A. got all 3 questions right within second! I could tell the staff was impressed 🙂

Sometimes no plan is good plan. I am glad to have the opportunity to enjoy mini golf with A. and we certainly will return again when it’s not so hot to use the discount we got!

Do you like mini golf? Are you good at it? Any tips? Where is your favourite location / spot for mini golf?

If you are ever in the area and run out of things to do, come check out this place. You might enjoy it more than you knew 😉

Lake Norman Mini Golf

18639 Statesville Rd., Cornelius, NC 28031
Tel: 704-892-9800

let’s show off our mini golf talent!
k. 😀


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