my Blue Bunny ice cream mission

Have you seen this? A blue bunny!
Or… perhaps this? Cone of shame…
Nope? How about… this? We are FUN couple 😛

Welcome to the world of Blue Bunny ice cream!

I am sort of skeptical when it comes TV commercials. I have worked in PR and advertising, I know the strategies, the formulas, and the ‘magic’ to commercials work. In a nutshell, commercials are powerful and effective sources to attract consumers / viewers’  eyes to purchase or desire something. It could be car, food, travel destination… When you think about it, commercials are everywhere in our lives. Sometimes we buy the ideas in the commercials, sometimes we laugh because it’s funny, sometimes we can relate to it, but most of the times we see it, we think about it, and then we say to ourselves ‘nah, it’s not worth it.’

Raise your hand if that’s you! (yes, looking at you, viewer! 🙂 )

I would say 98% of the time I fall into the category of I see commercials, I think about how good the content is, how powerful the message is, and that’s pretty much about it. Too many media sources out there in our daily lives, the most I would do is probably try to remember the key word and do a bit of google research and move on. I actually do not remember a time where I see a commercial and immediately purchased something…

Well, that was before I see the blue bunny2016 summer campaign commercials.

The first one I saw with A. was the one about ‘fun couple.’ What caught my eyes in the beginning was the blue bunny. I mean, how can you not fall in love with a cute furry blue bunny on TV ❤ Because the bunny is cute, A. and I paid attention to the commercial (point #1, something to catch the viewers attention!) and we thought it was funny about the idea of ‘fun couple needs blue bunny ice cream.’ A. joked about how we are fun too so we should get blue bunny ice cream. I laughed, and agreed I’ll go to their website to see what kind of products they offer because the bunny is friggin cute 🙂 To my surprise, they have a ton of delicious looking ice cream products that I want to try (point #2, commercial lead to actual search of the company website to learn more about the product) so I used their product locator option to see where I could purchase my blue bunny. This leads to my #2 surprise – I thought I could easily purchase blue bunny everywhere, but it turned out only a specific grocery stores carry blue bunny products. Well, that makes it interesting, because now I really want blue bunny ice cream.

Even though the website listed the exact stores that offer blue bunny ice cream, A. and I did not believe it so we decided to check out the closest Food Lion. Na-da. No luck. First mission failed. The next day we tried the closest Harris Teeter… and nope. No blue bunny. No sign. I need blue bunny ice cream for real at this point. I mean, it is just ice cream, why is it so RARE?

A week later, we finally had the time to check out Super Target, a store that’s listed on the website that has blue bunny…. and….YES!!! We finally found the blue bunny ice cream! They didn’t carry as many option as I hoped, but we’ve finally found the hidden bunny 😀


There were a few options such as chocolate mini swirls, ice cream, birthday cake mini swirls, but A. and I thought to be safe as our first try, we should stick to the classic so we went for the caramel mini swirls. The package design is cute. It provides a simple, clean design, but you can easily tell the bit of mischievous with the bunny ‘B’. I can’t remember the exact price, but I think it was about the same price as all the other ice cream products you could find at the store.


blue bunny mini swirl!!! Dipped in chocolate!!! yum!!!

A. and I decided to count to 3 and tried the ice cream together. It was small, and it was delicious! I personally thought the mini swirl was a perfect size for everyone. You get the ice cream, you get the cone, and you even have the surprise caramel filling in the middle. The best is you don’t really have to feel guilty after enjoying the mini swirl because it’s tiny. What more can I say? I think this is the perfect after dinner snack, or just mid of the day snack when it’s hot!

Few days later A. and I went to visit another grocery store called Lowes. It is not as popular in our area compared to Publix, Harris Teeter, or Food Lion. However, we were able to find the best blue bunny collection at that particular store. I forgot to take a pic, but we ended up getting another product called something like the oreo ice cream cookie stick. As you can imagined, we counted to 3 and tried it that evening. It was awesome 🙂 I honestly cannot decide between the mini swirl and the cookie stick because they are both really good. I love the packaging, the cute blue bunny, the right amount sweetness, and the deliciousness of the product! A. and I haven’t finished the 2 products we purchased, but I am very tempted to buy the chocolate mini swirl because I love chocolate… Cannot wait to taste how awesome it would be 😛

Are you a big fan of ice cream in the summer? What’s your go to brand for ice cream? Have you heard of blue bunny ice cream? Have you had blue bunny ice cream? Share your thoughts with me 🙂

It took me approximately 1.5 weeks to finally complete my mission in search of blue bunny ice cream. I am so happy I finally found them, and I am so glad they taste so good! Nothing contradictory to their cute commercials. Now that I’ve had my fair share of blue bunny, when I see the commercials on TV brings extra smile on my face because I know they are good stuff.

Perhaps sometime it’s not so bad to give in to good commercials… Maybe you’ll end up finding really good surprise like me 😉

Happy Dragon Boat festival everyone, and go enjoy your blue bunny… so good, so perfect for this hot weather!

k. ^_^


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