Friyay Nite @ Carolina Roots Music Festival


Happy Hump Day errbody! We are half way there to the glorious weekend 😉

The weather has been pretty gloomy here in the Queen City. According to the weather forecast, it’s going to stay chilly, gloomy, and some occasional rain for the rest of the week all the way to the weekend. I suppose that means I’ll just be having a nice, cuddly weekend   watching ‘say yes to the dress’ and on full relaxation mode. Sounds like a plan? I think yes!

Last Friday was a stressful day for me (okay, I admit it, everyday is stressful in different ways. It’s either I get stressed out too much, or honestly, there’s just something in my life that needs to be fixed. hmm…). With a fairly important event going on at office, I was busy making sure everything’s going according to plan. Admittedly,  I was not in the best mood and kept telling myself throughout the day that “I was ready to go home now

Before we get into the fun stuff, the back story is, A. had mentioned to me about the Carolina Roots Music Festival  couple days before because his colleagues could hook him up with free tickets being one of the sponsors for the event. The music festival lasted for 2 days (Friday and Saturday), and A. and I already planned to do something on Saturday, which means if we were to go, we would only be able to go to the Friday fest. Like I said, it was not a very good week for me, so when A. checked with me on Thursday, I decided I’d rather stay in Charlotte for a slow Friday evening. A. agreed, and that was that. We weren’t going to the music fest.

<Back to Friday morning>
It was around 10 or 11 in the morning, A. called me and asked if I would be comfortable to  go to the music fest because his colleague was holding the tickets for him and he felt bad to reject at that point, not to mention he knew I’ve never been to a music festival before. Being someone who likes to plan ahead for basically everything, I was pretty annoyed (yes remember I was also in a bad mood?) about his last minute suggestion. I told A. I would accompany him to the event, but screamed inside how much I did not want to go, and I’d so much rather cave in at my comfy apartment binge watch Japanese drama or whatever. Then, I hung up and went back to work.

Smart A. sensed I was not happy, and texted later to say he’d be happy to go with his friends and I could stay in Charlotte and do my own things. Feeling a little guilty (plus they are free tickets… free is good!), I assured him I would go. I will meet him after work.

Here goes my first ever music festival event!


I’ve never been to a music festival before. The only ones I’ve heard are the crazy EDC, Coachella, etc. where girls dress up super sexy. To be safe to plan my outfit in advance (yes, I plan!), I tried to google ‘Carolina Roots Music Festival outfit’ and found nothing – later to find out because this is a brand new event! I was one of the first participants 🙂 Anyways, since it’s a country music festival I decided to wear a light grey shirt, long necklace, shorts, floral converse, and also a small flower band I bought from Forever 21 awhile back. Oh, and it never goes wrong with raybans!


A. and I arrived around 7-ish. It was still bright, and everyone brought their chairs. We found a nice spot with shades to sit, and luckily, we caught the last bit of The Black Lilies’ performance. There were some food trucks, but not a lot of options, so A. and I decided we’d share some chili cheese fries first and eat something else after the event. The fries were yummy! Except a bit too salty for my taste, but whatever, I was so hungry 😛


It was fun to hear country music playing, and be surrounded by laid back people just there to have a good time. Families, lovers, kids… I’d say it was a very welcoming music festival for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to go to the front of the stage and dance along the music because no one will stop you! It’s just you, the music, and good time on a Friday evening.


By 8:30pm I was kind of cold and hungry (because the music festival is at an empty ground close to Statesville airport, got pretty chilly in the evening), we decided to check out the big gig – Keller Williams‘ performance and head out for some real food.


I have never heard of the name ‘Keller Williams’ before but heard from the crowd apparently he is kind of a big deal and pretty famous. As soon as he started his guitar solo, A. recognized and told me he has heard the music on Pandora, and might even own couple of the tracks on his iPhone.
Keller Williams was awesome. The techniques, the music, it was definitely a cool experience to see someone famous playing live and everyone could be so close to the stage to see his finger skills. I enjoyed the experience a lot, and I thought it also brings that ‘extra’ vibe when it’s dark with the purple lights shining the stage and the audiences.

Eventually, A. and I left around 9:30 and called it a day. Looking back, I am glad I decided to go because over all it was a fun experience, and my first ever music festival! The people were nice, the event was nice, and I especially thank A.’s colleague for sharing the chairs with us and bought us a few drinks. Very nice people indeed. Although Statesville is a little far from Charlotte just for an event, and it wasn’t the easiest to find the location / parking. Since it’s the first year, I am sure by next year things probably will improve a lot more and who knows, maybe more food truck for me to find something to eat 🙂

Do you like music? Have you been to any cool, unforgettable music festival? Now I believe is the time for you to share your experience 😉 Perhaps outfit planning, best line up / experience, etc.? 😛

If you are interested in music festival, and are around the Charlotte area, be sure to keep an eye out for the event next year!

k. ^_^


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