Sweet Saturday Evening, Sweet Lady M Cakes


Have you heard of Lady M Cakes? It is a famous cake shop known for super thin layered mille crepe cakes started in New York. I have heard about the cakes for awhile now but somehow never bothered to check the store locations as I assumed the cakes are only available in New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore. (Reasons being I’ve seen friends instagram and Facebook about the delicious looking cakes at these locations…)

Recently, Lady M decided to test water and started a limited pop up store in Taipei (1 or 2 weeks). They partnered up with Regent Hotel and the rules to hunt for the cake was tricky – you cannot buy the cake from the pop up store. Everything needs to be ordered in advance via Regent website. 2 cakes per order, and whole cakes only. If you’ve seen Lady M’s website, you’d know the whole cakes are pretty pricey. That being said, I was still not able to get the cakes for mother’s day as the website broke down and everything was sold out within 15 minutes online. I managed to place the cakes in my shopping cart but unable to check out… Then, before I know it they are all sold out. 😦

Lady M definitely marketed it well with this approach. Like I said, I have heard of Lady M for years now but did not have the desire or hunger to try. Human nature perhaps, the fact I did not manage to hunt the cake this time made me more than ever curious about the cakes, and I decided to go to the website to see where exactly I could have this cake in the US. To my surprise, they actually have a location in Los Angeles… Too bad I did not find out until now I am no longer there (funny how things turn out that way). While using my best friend Google to search more information on Lady M cakes, an article caught my eyes… “Lady M Gallery to Open in South End”
Wait, South End? Does that mean Charlotte? :O
You bet!


I was super excited when I found out the information that I could actually get a taste of this famous mille crepe cake in Charlotte… and at a Gallery! Overjoyed, I texted A. immediately and said I’d LOVE to find time to swing by this gallery for the cakes. A. agreed (woohoo!) and we decided to walk in search of this gallery after a light dinner at uptown on Saturday.


It’s the part of South End I haven’t been, and I was surprised by the options of apartment complexes around that area. It was nice and quiet walking to the gallery. Quite different compared to the loud and very popular bars and taverns along South Blvd.

The gallery had a private event that evening and a DJ playing music. Hesitated (but I want my cakes!), I walked in, and asked the staff if I could have the Lady M cakes even though I was not invited for the private event. The staffs allowed us to find seats towards the back of the gallery, which we did not mind at all because that way we could be surrounded by art nouveau pieces at a nice quiet area – enjoying the cakes.


A. and I decided to get the original mille crepe and the green tea mille crepe. Not going to lie when we saw the menu we thought the cakes were a little pricey ($8 each). However, there is no turning back for me because I crave Lady M so much at that point we still went ahead and order. I mean, the worse is to pay for that one time experience to say I’ve had Lady M cakes right? 😉


I was SO excited when the staff brought out the cakes, and the logo’d Lady M napkins. Here at last! My cakes ;D A. let me had the first bite of both cakes, and I am not even joking, my eyes turned wild the moment I tasted the cakes. The green tea mille crepe has a very classic taste – creamy, but not too sweet. While the original mille crepe tasted like creme burlee on the top and layered with delicious cream milk. The layers were so thin you can hardly taste it. They were waltzing in my mouth, that’s honestly how good the cakes are. According to A. I was smiling the entire time eating the cakes.

It was so hard for us to decide which cake is better because they are both SO GOOD in different ways. We loved the idea of sharing the cakes so we get different taste. However, I’d say I slightly like the green tea more just because I love matcha, while A. preferred the original since he is a big fan of pudding and creme burlee 😉 All in all, it was an awesome and delicious evening, and we have agreed to definitely come by again for the cakes, and maybe look at the art when there’s no private event next time!

If you are a big fan of cakes, sweets, afternoon tea, or just in the mood to try something new, The Gallery at South End could be the spot for you. They have an awesome menu (but a little pricey), and most important of all, they are the hidden gem that carries Lady M cakes ❤

The Gallery at South End
1320 South Church St.
Charlotte NC, 28203

Come try, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Have a sweet Monday,

k. 😛



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