Getting Over Jet Lag in 1 day: Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden


It’s always difficult to return to the so-called ‘reality’ after a nice vacation. Why can’t vacation last forever? I am pretty sure at one point we’ve all asked that question hoping we could just be on vacation mode all day everyday.

Other than dealing with the ‘adjustment,’ jet lag could be considered one of the most annoying thing to deal with after a trip, especially when you were on the other side of the world – perhaps day and night difference. Some people could get over it fast, while others might take weeks to fully adapt to his/her normal schedule… (yikes, I know.)

This post is my personal experience on how to get over jet lag in exactly one day after my trip to Asia for couple of weeks due to family circumstances. Perhaps it’ll also work for you, perhaps not, but hey, does not hurt to know an awesome place to spend the weekend at right? 😉

After international flight, I took red eye from LAX to CLT and arrived around 6:30am on a Saturday morning. Getting over the usual emotional feeling, unpacking, and cleaning after a long trip (and it was still early in the morning!), A. suggested to help getting over my jet lag (and obviously caving in to my nice cozy bed will not help), we should have a nice breakfast at Crispy Crepe, and then en route to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to see beautiful flowers, walk around, and just enjoy a beautiful Spring Saturday out.


I’ve heard about Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden before and have been meaning to visit… Spring is so perfect to go. Upon arriving, there is a lovely hallway leading to the main hall with lots of herbs and edible vegetables planted. Perhaps it’s the weather, or the fact that Spring means blooming season, it was beautiful to see all shades of green basked in sunshine. I already felt better.

When A. bought the tickets for us (remember to show your AAA card for discount!), I looked up, and was amazed by the beautiful colored glass roof. So lovely! After getting our maps and walked around the hall for a bit, we decided to start our adventure at the botanical garden.


First we started at the orchid house. I’d say this was probably my favorite spot of the day. It’s in a big green house style building, and you could feel the gentle mist spreading around the room to create the best environment for orchids. There were some interesting plants, and I did not miss the opportunity to feel that pointy tree using my hand 😛


Different colors and species of orchids – they were refreshing and beautiful. I almost thought I was in Singapore standing here looking at the flowers.

After the orchid house, we walked around the botanical garden a bit more – there were fountains, more green edible veggies and blooming flowers, a corner for the kids to play and explore, and towards the end of the garden there was an easy path/trail to walk around into the forest.

Trying to stay active as I started to feel a little sleepy (although I slept my way through the flight!), we did the trail and it was awesome. We walked into the woods covered by big green trees. It was nice and quiet with occasional breeze. Additionally, we also found super interesting hidden art display while walking.

The walk was awesome to be back in ‘nature’ again after weeks spent in busy Asia city life. I loved it, and I felt more energetic after the walk because I was out there doing something to stay active!


After all that sunshine, walking, and seeing things, A. and I stopped by the gift shop for AC and rest a little bit towards the end of our tour. What’s more perfect for A. to have a bottle of ice cold beer and cool water for me while discovering the garden shop?

The trip to Daniel Stowe botanical garden did me good. It was definitely helpful to walk around, seeing things, and stay very active (with good food!) the first day back from the other side of the walk. I did take a short nap in the late afternoon, but could proudly say I was pretty much over jet lag by Sunday!

What’s your methods / tips and tricks to get over jet lag? Any interesting stories to share?If you are around this area (queen city!), be it to get over jet lag or simply to enjoy a nice weekend with someone special, be sure to consider Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden 🙂 It’s so big and everyone can find something they like there – try to bring a book and some ice tea to sit at one of the benches surrounded by flowers for a nice afternoon!

Have a good Wednesday wherever you are, and Happy Birthday Mom ❤

k. 🙂


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