Plan it Ahead – Mika Ninagawa Exhibition


This is a late blog post, but for those who are in Taipei, and are interested to go see the Mika Ninagawa exhibition before it ends on May 8th, this may be the post for you. Please do not leave sad regrets like me! 😦

For those who knows me well, I’ve been a big fan of Mika Ninagawa’s photography. I am absolutely amazed by the rich and vivid colors that are shown in her photos. They are usually very bright, colorful (in a deep and very rich way), and the re-occurring theme is flower. It’s no new news that I love flowers 😛 and somehow, Mika Ninagawa’s photos always have the magic to bring me into that strange Alice in Wonderland feel. There’s something about Mika Ninagawa’s works that attract me deeply, and one time, I even tried to participate in lucky drawing for one of her flower photographies at a Thai restaurant in Taiwan… (yup, that’s how much I love her flower work)

The first time I saw Mika’s work was at an Asian edition of Vogue magazine where she has a column and shares her photographies – ranging from her famous flower series, but also goldfish (another big theme in her work), and also album covers and what not for celebrities all over Asia. Mika is a prolific artist I’d say – and it is very easy to find her work whether on her own instagram account, official website, or magazines / album cover arts. Additionally, she has also partnered up and collaborated with many brands in Japan to create prints and products using her photographies. I’ve seen her photographies in lingeries, cars, shoes, clothes, and even wedding dresses!


The big mistake I made this trip to Taipei was – I knew Mika has the special exhibition going on at Taipei MOCA, and even before I flew back I mentioned to my mom and L. we should go check it out… Then yeah, things came up, lots of fun happened, and then I told myself ‘don’t worry you still got time to go see that exhibition…’

Yup, I actually did not have time to go to MOCA until the last day I was in Taipei. I know that was very bad of me considering how much I love her work… On my way to MOCA I was very excited because I’ve seen friends’ photos about the exhibition. I couldn’t stopped telling my mom how cool her photographies are (as Mika isn’t exactly my mom’s thing), and how she’ll need to take a bunch of photo for me, and that I want to buy some awesome souvenirs…

We gave ourselves 2 hours at the exhibition, and then off to lunch. But we were absolutely wrong. At the ticket entrance, on a hot Friday morning, the line was LONGvery very LONG. It did not look like we could have any chance to go in anytime soon…. We checked with the staffs and they estimated the wait would be close to 1 hour… That means  we will not be able to make it since it was my last day in Taipei and my flight was the same evening that did not allow me to go wait in line for such a long time… 😦

So people, if you want to go to Mika’s special exhibition. Please please plan ahead, and according to my friends everyday the wait is that long, and perhaps, even worse on the weekends. Please give yourself enough time to wait in line, and maybe also be wise to bring an umbrella because summer in Taipei is unbearable…

I wonder if it’s because the tix is so friendly priced ($50TWD) that’s why everyone wanted to go see, or there really are so many Mika fans in Taipei as well?! Something I’d love to find out but unable to since I did not have a chance to go see the exhibition… :/

The only thing I was managed to do before leaving regrettably was taking some photos of the exit wall covered with Mika Ninagawa’s creations. I suppose the photos could still count as “I was there”


Readers, do you have a favorite photographer? (such as the ‘followmeto’ photographer?) Or, have you heard of Mika Ninagawa?

If you happen to be in Taipei this week, be sure to check this out… I am sure you will not regret it! Now I just hope Mika will magically have exhibition in the US… or in Taipei again… (next time when I am there I mean >,<)

Hope you all like the beautiful photos taken by me – creations by Mika to brighten up your ‘case of the Mondays’ 😛 It’s been pouring here… How about wherever you are?

Happy Spring… May Flower 🙂



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