good time does not last forever… trip coming to an end


“Time flies when you are having fun,” they said.

“Good time does not last forever,” they said.

“Enjoy it, cherish every moment when you can…” they said.

Before coming back to Taipei, I thought I have so many time and I am going to do so much! Little did I know weeks flew by like it was only yesterday when I just arrived, and now I have to bring out my suitcases again to get ready for packing. Time, never enough when you are at home with family and friends. Taipei, the place that’ll always be ‘home’ to be but the same time I can never get away with my love-hate relationship. I love it for the convenience, the food, the urban city life, but hate it because every single time when I reside here, I feel like an outsider even though I speak the language, look like everyone else, and also spent part of my childhood here. I wonder if there will be a day I will permanently reside in Taipei and find happiness without thinking about US or elsewhere I’ve lived?

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to spend time with family. Additionally, I was very lucky to go on some memorable trips with family and friends – be it within Taiwan or Japan, they all mean very much to me in different ways. Happy to meet new friends, and also thankful to catch up and see lots of old friends.

It’s very difficult to realise I have to wrap up my time / feeling / thoughts already. I didn’t really occur to me I am ‘leaving’ until my last weekend in Taipei ended. I feel like there’s still so much to do, people to say, time to spend, but yet I’ve gotta go.

Don’t get me wrong – I do miss my ‘regular’ life in the US, my little apartment, my car, and stuff, but I guess it’s just that emotional feeling when you have to leave somewhere that really matters a lot to you – more than you think deep down.

I’ve got sort of 4 more days here in Taipei. Weather has been dramatic, but I am going to try to enjoy everyday to the fullest. Shopping, meeting people, eating, spending time with family, capturing the moment… Whatever it is I am going to do my best to treasure every second I have here. Who knows when’d be the next time I can land here again?


Where do you consider as your home? How do you feel when you have to leave home after a nice vacation seeing family and friends? How many places have you lived? Memories? Fun stories?

Monday evening, hearing wind breeze on the 13th floor, and enjoying beautiful city view of Taipei…

Have a good Monday wherever you are 🙂


*photos taken by instagrammer klisbeth831


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