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Happy 3rd day of April everyone! Wherever you are I hope you had/are going to have a fabulous day because it is the number 3 and it is Sunday 🙂

Took me awhile to update this week because I’ve been busy… traveling to the other side of the world -> Taipei! It’s sort of a last minute planning due to family stuff so I flew from queen city to LA, and then LA direct flight to Taipei. So yes, right now I am typing this in Taipei, Taiwan. Specifically, zip code 104 😛

I still have jet lag here and there, but so far doing good and trying to enjoy all the amazing food here and also treasure every second I get to spend with my family. Hard to believe it’s been 9 months! Everything feels the same, but the same time I could also tell the difference on the street, shops, etc. Sure brings back a lot of memories – the time I worked in Taipei, my last days in Taipei in 2015, student life when I get to be back every summer and winter… It is a strange feeling I feel so comfortable here, but the same time I still think about my little apartment and my life in Charlotte, which somehow strangely more connects to me right now.

Since I do not know when’s the next time I get to be on this tropical island again. I am going to cherish all the time, places, and people I get to spend time with the days I have here. Make the best out of this trip!

Do you like travel? Interest to visit Taipei? How often do you travel?

Growing up I used to have the opportunity to visit different places every summer and winter. The older I get the less opportunity I had (thanks school :/), and then slowly it went from exploring the world to Taipei -> LA, LA -> Taipei. (And Tokyo -> LA, LA -> Tokyo / Tokyo -> Taipei, Taipei -> Tokyo). I am very thankful now living in the queen city I have the chance to explore around again. I love travel, and it is such a fantastic way to learn about the world, the history, the culture, and also the best style to enrich one’s own life. Agree?

Tomorrow I will be going to Tokyo (first time since I left in February 2014) for a super super last-minute trip with family. In fact it was so spontaneous we managed to book the flight and hotel all within 1 hour.

Returning to Tokyo is going to be a very special experience for me. Reliving, revisiting, and also remembering that wonderful year of my life in that country full of surprise and amazing memories. It’s going to be quite different going with family. There are a ton of places that I’d love to go but need to cancel this time. Perhaps one day in the near future I could go on a solo trip just to breathe, enjoy, and revisit all the important places that made up my one year Tokyo life.

Now, I am just going to pack, be ready, and fly again… but to Tokyo tomorrow morning.

What’s your thoughts and experience on super last minute spontaneous trip to somewhere? Like? Dislike?

I’d normally prefer to plan trips in advance, but sometimes these kind of surprise trip isn’t so bad after all (disregard the fact I might not have the right clothes and shoes… but hey, reason to shop cute awesome outfits in Tokyo?! :P). Who knows when’s the next time I’d be in Asia again? I am thankful for my dear family, and I am just going to not think about work, life, and all the other little things but just enjoy my time the next few days traveling.

“Just go, and don’t leave regrets” Life is too short, and often times you learn more valuable, life-changing lessons through travel. Yay or nay? 😉


Happy Sunday. Happy number 3 🙂

k. ooo


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