why I shouldn’t have given Chipotle a second chance.


Happy hump day everyone! I am thinking very much about food right now… How about you? It is very close to lunch break and I just cannot wait to nom on my Italian stew pasta (homemade!)

“Life is burritoful” – Chipotle

Do you like Chipotle? How often do you visit there? When’s the first time you were introduce to the amazingness of quick and yummy (and also pretty healthy?) Mexican food… Chipotle? I LOVE Chipotle. Exactly before last Friday, I love Chipotle. I am always down for some Chipotle goodies when people suggest it, and yes, when I was living abroad  every time I come back to the good old USA I need to have my Chipotle fix.


Burrito bowl is usually my go-to. Half chicken half beef, white rice, extra lettuce, corn salsa, regular salsa… Sounds mouth watering? I bet. I was like that before last Friday.

Sooo, what happened last Friday???

Last Friday my company had an all day event out at one of the college campuses. We were all busy working hard setting up in preparation for one of the biggest events for my company of the year. Lunch time came, and one of the senior supervisors suggested to bring in Chipotle for everyone since it’s fairly close to the building we are at. Sounds like a good idea for a hot Friday lunch right?

As expected, there were still lines of people waiting to get their Chipotles, and I also had my usual burrito bowl. Everything was fine. Lunch was enjoyable chatting and having good laugh with my colleagues. Then, things start to go wrong. I did have migraine that morning, but it was nothing major. 1 hour after my happy lunch I started to feel dizzy, my headache got worse. I did not feel well. At that time I didn’t even think about Chipotle. I thought it’s probably the crazy weather, me being busy and having a headache… I already had to leave early that day for family stuff, and yes, I actually need to tell myself to calm down, drive slow and stay careful to make it to my apartment first because I was feeling like throwing up (and obviously you cannot just throw up in your car…).

Luckily I made it back to my apartment fine, and the first thing I did was went to the bathroom and threw up EVERYTHING I had for lunch (yes, that means Chipotle – full meal of Chipotle). I had to postpone the entire family thing because at that point I needed medicine and to lay down a bit.

Readers, I know there have been a ton of news about Chipotle lately, and they have actually done a pretty impressive marketing and re-imaging campaign by giving literally everyone free meals (remember the raincheck? and also the mass mailing free burrito/burrito bowl and chips?). I do not need to say more about the Chipotle news, but like many people, I was ignorant. I thought everything would be fine after all the re-education and how the CEO promised everything would be fine. My brother and A. both told me to stay away from Chipotle and I didn’t care. Sure… I was a little worried, but I thought to myself everything will be fine, give them another chance because it’s good…

I was ignorant and wrong.

We are human and we consume food. All kinds of food. I am careful with what I eat but with this Chipotle incident I start to think to myself perhaps I need to be more careful and conscious about my food choice. If there is something wrong that’s been reported on the news for such a long time, there must be something wrong. Do not give them a second chance because it’s not worth your body and your health to suffer. (because throwing up is no fun)

Obviously it may just be having a bad day that Friday and Chipotle just made everything worse, but it just made me realize if there’s issues with the food or the ingredient, no matter how awesome of the campaigns the company is trying to run, they will not win the customers back. I am a little terrified thinking about that Chipotle bowl right now, and I don’t think I’d be interested to have that kind of meal for a long time, not even from Moe’s.


Readers, what’s your thoughts? Would you give Chipotle a second chance? Did you give them a second chance? How do you feel about this? I’d love to hear you thoughts?

I am starring at that yummy burrito, but more than likely I will not have it for a long time…

Happy Wednesday lunch time 😉 Have a good, yummy, and health lunch people!

*all images used were found on Google image


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