does it hurt to lie a little?


“I know it is not right to say that, but then…”

“It is wrong, but it makes sense…”

“Sure, it is not okay, but I just don’t feel like doing it…”

Yes, I am sure all of us all have been through that, if not everyday, perhaps sometime in our lives. We question, we doubt, and we get confused… So, is it okay to lie a little? Does it hurt to lie a little?

I suppose it really has to do with what’s the reason behind the lie? What kind of lie it is? Who benefits from it? Why lie? Obviously the majority of the people are good people who try to stay honest. Yet, lying a little is almost kind of unavoidable in our lives nowadays, whether to get away with things you do not want to do at work or home, pressure from someone or something, or simply you just didn’t think about it and then you initially lied about something small and eventually needed to use more little lies to cover the first one…

I always say when you lie about something bad, or try to cover up something, eventually it will find its way to haunt you. I have seen it happened, and it happened to me before. Yet, someones for various reasons we human just cannot help to lie a little.

For example, you go on an awesome girl’s shopping date with you girlfriends. You see a dress you absolutely love and all your friends said you should get it.. BUT, the price tag is something way over your budget at the moment. Would you go ahead and buy it because you like it? Or would you honestly say you do not have so much money right now? Or, you would say something like “ahh, I think I actually might have something similar at home” or “hmm, let me think about it a bit more”?

Another example would be, your colleagues invite you for a lunch session that somehow turned into an expensive mani/pedi salon session. A 10-minute mani will cost you $20 (and also tip). Would you still pay for it because you feel awkward even though you are uncomfortable with the price and do not even think you need it? Would you make up a little lie and say “I’d go grab something / get something and meet you girls shortly?” Or, would you tell them you think it is too expensive for you so you will sit there and watch them do it?

Lying is bad. We all know that, and we grew up reading stories, hearing lessons about why we should not lie and the consequences behind such actions. I totally agree. However, the older I get, the more I see, sometimes I start to wonder are all lies bad? Sometimes would it be better for someone to know the ugly truth or to continue to live his/her life without knowing it? If you’ve been pressured to do something you absolutely do not want to, is it so bad to lie to get away with it to protect yourself from work harassment / company politics / people-people relation?

This is definitely a topic, or at least, something  I’ve been thinking a lot and wondering lately. It is natural for us to have secrets, and the reality is human are selfish in different ways. There are things we do not share with others. We have our comfort zones, and specific things we absolutely HATE when people cross the boundaries.

What is your thought on this? Is lying an absolute no-no, or it really depends on the situation?


I don’t think it feels good for anyone when they lie. The feeling not knowing when they lie will be unfold, or to consciously remind yourself the thing you said… However, if it is something to kind of save you from the situation you are in, to get away without affecting or hurting anyone, perhaps it’s better to take that risk, or that ‘choice card’ to provide yourself an alternative path?

Share you opinion! I’d love to hear what’s your take on this. No right or wrong answer for sure… We strive to be perfect, but life is full of complications and interruptions like my favorite movie LoveActually says. Try to do good, but also give yourself a little break from time to time. It helps.

some random Thursday thoughts to get through the week,


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