the little things you find walking… :)


Greetings everyone! It is a lovely day here in the Queen City. Although there’s forecast of rain and thunder in the afternoon, I am seeing no sign at the moment. Let’s hope it will continue to be nice and sunny out and rain until I make it back home 😉

Today is March 14th, also known as White Valentine’s Day

What is White Valentine’s Day? Don’t ask me… Because I have no idea lol But it doesn’t hurt to have an extra day for the boys to show affection and appreciation to the girls right? According to our friend, Wikipedia:

“In Japan, Valentine’s Day is typically observed by girls and women presenting chocolate gifts (either store-bought or handmade), usually to boys or men, as an expression of love, courtesy, or social obligation. On White Day, the reverse happens: men who received a honmei-choco (‘chocolate of love’) or giri-choco (‘courtesy chocolate’) on Valentine’s Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts. “

Now, I learned about White Day, and you also learned something new too. Happy White Valentine’s Day, boys and girls!


The arrival of Spring and warmer weather means I have more desire to walk. I love walking. I grow up walking a lot in Asia, so it’s a blessing my new office is within walkable distance to apartment (yay!). Obviously there are benefits of driving when it is raining, doing grocery shopping, going to places, etc. But there are a lot of awesome things you can see and discover while walking. I am very glad now I have the opportunity to walk to work. It is healthy, good exercise, and sometimes even I am surprised by the fun things I get to see on my walk.

I am guessing the weather in Charlotte is very similar to Tokyo. Cherry blossoms are blooming. They are different compared to the ones I’ve seen in Tokyo, but they are very lovely. Different shades of pink, all blooming right now all over Charlotte.

On my recent walk, I’ve seen 3 different kinds of sakura trees. Gems! One of the trees already started to turn green as the weather gets warmer… Bummer.


I know I am a huge fan of cherry blossoms, but they are not the only thing you see when you walk! I’ve ran into cute puppies, I’ve seen puppies making friends with each other that led to the owners to have conversations… which you never know might led to romantic relationship or long lasting friendship! Like a movie 🙂

Maybe it is a Charlotte / SouthEnd thing I do not know. But I’ve also discovered cool public art along my walk. It is very nice and fun to walk, see things, clear my mind a little bit while walking, reciting the heart sutra, people watching…

This weekend I’ve also discovered a new route with A. when I suggested an evening walk. It was very nice with just-the-perfect breeze. We both agreed it was great to have a nice conversation while walking. Sure, we could do that at a coffee shop, a lounge, or whatever, but walking, seeing things, and talking really is amazing. At least for me, for us.

Do you like walking? Do you like to discovery new things while walking? Morning walk or evening walk? Alone, with a group, with family, or with someone special?

Walking is good, and I think right now is the perfect time to do it, or to start it 🙂

Happy weather, and… Happy Monday!

k. ooo



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