kind of fun, kind of stylish… Grocery Shopping @ The Fresh Market


For many people, weekend means have fun, relaxation, and also – the time to stock up for next week’s supplies of fruits, food, beverages, and what not. I definitely fall into this category. How about you? 😉

Growing up in California, I am very familiar with Trader Joe’s. I love their aloe vera, ice cream mochi, cookie dunkers… Trader Joe’s can be found easily especially in SoCal so that used to be the go-to healthy super market for my family. When I first moved to Charlotte (August 2015), feeling a little homesick, I did go to the Trader Joe’s located near the Metropolitan Target. It was awesome. The moment I stepped into the store seeing everyone in friendly and familiar Hawaiian shirt I had a big grin on my face. #thatcaliforniavibe

Unfortunately, that was the only time I went to Trader Joe’s… Even though I have been thinking about it the price is just cheaper at Harris Teeter or Publix… Yeah I know it is excuse but I was just lazy. Not to mention, Target is kind of an evil place close by full of cute things 😛


One weekend when it was nice and sunny but nothing planned, A. suggested he’d take me to The Fresh Market because he thinks I would like that place. I have never heard of The Fresh Market before A. mentioned. Curious in nature, and also nothing else to do, I gladly accepted the suggestion and visited the The Fresh Market off exit #28 on 77.


Similar to Trader Joe’s, the store isn’t big, but gives you a warm and ‘healthy’ feeling the moment you are in. The store I went has colorful and beautiful flowers on sale close to the gate. That was lovely, and sure brings good mood to shoppers. How can anyone dislike flowers?

Close to the flower section was the fruit section. A ton of fresh looking fruits, cold pressed fruit drink, etc. I know fruits are fruits… but admittedly the ones I saw at The Fresh Market  just looks more tasty compared to regular super markets.

I loved the store, and it was such a fun experience checking different aisles, authentic products, and also exotic international products! A. and I also found our favorite Japanese green tea brand on sale. Of course, we must stock up 🙂


The Fresh Market has something for everyone. I was impressed by the selection of olive oil. I am very tempted to say the collection is much better than Dean & Deluca. Perhaps, the price is also better! Why did I specifically mention olive oil? Because my dad LOVES olive oil so I just cannot help to pay attention to them… and actually planning to return soon to pick some out as gifts for him.


If you are a coffee lover, this might also be the right place for you. A. tried their house blend coffee for a super cheap price and he said it was really good. I trust his opinion – even though I do not drink coffee personally 😛 One cool thing I like about buying coffee from The Fresh Market is they have little sample cups so you can actually try everything before you decided which you’d like to purchase. I think that’s definitely some good customer service / consideration.

They also have a great collection of coffee beans. I like the display, but have no knowledge about the coffee beans… Perhaps you coffee lover could share your opinion on your go to or recommendation?


It probably has nothing to do with Easter but I fell in love with the candy section. Usually I am a chocolate kind of person and candies do not interest me, but how can you not check out the section when it’s so pretty? Cute little jars of colorful sweets. It is not Alice in Wonderland or Charlie at the Chocolate Factory, but do allow me to call it the “k. at The Fresh Market moment.”

The Haribo peach gummies caught my eyes. I’ve had them before, and I love them. Additionally, they always remind me of my first trip alone with music school to Austria – I bought a bag of Haribo peach gummies at one of the gas stops. Fond travel memories for sure. And in case you are wondering – yes, I did buy a little bag of peach gummies, and I already finished them.


Another photo of the candy / chocolate selection at The Fresh Market. Colorful sweets in those containers just make them more appealing don’t you think? Candies aren’t very healthy for sure, but obviously does not hurt to buy some from time to time… sweets to the mouth, sweets to the mind. Happy person happy mind happy life I’d say 🙂

Have you been to The Fresh Market? Which store did you go to? What’s your favorite find?

For those who have never heard of The Fresh Market or have never been like me, you gotta check it out one of the weekends here. It is so fun, and I am sure you’ll find something (if not a lot) you love. Treat yourself some good stuffs!

Tuesday be good to all of us,


Store Locator

The Fresh Market


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