1st day of March, can we say hello Spring?


Happy 1st day of March everyone 🙂

The sunshine and beautiful weather today make it safe to say Spring is around the corner! I used to say how much I love the winter, but moving to the east coast with LONG and cold winter made me realize perhaps I do like warmer weather, haha. Like the lovely photo I found on Google image, I just cannot wait for the flowers to bloom, the chill spring breeze, nice walk at the park, and pops of color – pink, yellow, light blue, grassy green… Spring is colorful. Spring gives hope!

As I have said in my previous post, February was not a good month for me. I was sick for a good while (luckily finally recovered!!!), and dealt with a lot of unhappy things and stress. I am not going to lie how excited I am today is March – because it feels like a new month means new goals and new hope, which I desperately need at the moment.

March can be considered the first month of Spring (yay!). What are some things / goals / plans you have for Spring 2016?

Here’s mine… Rough idea 😉

  • Stay positive & healthy
  • Eat less sweets
  • Look for new opportunities
  • Visit botanical garden
  • Mini weekend trips / travel
  • Take good care of my peppermint plant
  • Clean the house
  • California / Taipei
  • Save money to buy mom a nice mother’s day / bday present

I hope by end of Spring I can proudly cross everything on my list!

One thing I do like about this week is I start to walk to work – office moved to new location and I have decided to only drive unless the weather is bad. I like walking, and it is very nice to use the time to recite heart sutra, to clear my mind a bit, and just to look at the puppies, people, and surroundings around me.

What’s your first day of March like so far? Is it also nice and sunny wherever you are at?

Tuesday is usually a little dull, but that fact it is the first day of March sure make it bit better than the other Tuesdays!

Happy Tuesday, Happy March 1st, and Happy Spring ❤

Stay hopeful,



*photo taken at The Lalu years ago. Flowers bloom, and we dream on x


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