Valentine’s Weekend 2016 – some flowers, and a little pink x


A little late but doesn’t hurt to say Happy Valentine’s Day again to everyone! Spreading the love and some pink m&m chocolates ❤ Did you all have a lovely Valentine’s weekend with your loved ones?

It was a nice Valentine’s weekend for myself. To avoid fixed menu, ridiculous price, and very likely poor service at the restaurant, A. and I had our celebration a little earlier Friday evening at 300 East, a family-run restaurant that’s highly recommended by fellow Charlotteans. (Detailed post about restaurant coming up soon!) After dinner we did our traditional gift exchange. Flowers for girls, chocolates for guys. And, of course, extra pretty gifts and cards 🙂 Tis was a lovely and unforgettable evening.

Saturday was full of adventures. Started off getting my first proper haircut here in the US at Aveda Institute. I chopped my hair during Christmas break, and decided to go with lob this time. Hairstylist did an amazing job and I’ve received a ton of compliments so far… kudos to her!

I’ve been wanting to go to Asian supermarkets (Grand Asia & Super G) for awhile since the last time I went to Super G was November and I’ve only been to Grand Asia once in Charlotte when I came for apartment hunt. Figured it was about time to return to check on the products and stock up my fridge. Quite a drive to Grand Asia but I was really happy to get some Asian bread from the bakery, so-so boba milk tea, rice roll, and some sweet buns!  Stopped by Krispy Kreme as well to get original glazed donuts, and then did most of my shopping at Super G. After this trip I still feel Super G offers more choice, but doesn’t hurt to visit Grand Asia every 6 months or something… For the bread and boba 😛 Thank you A. for being a trooper to accompany me on my supermarket adventure!

Spent the evening at South Park to do some return and shopping. Finally purchased the Madewell flannel I’ve been eyeing for a long time and now on sale with additional 30% off! Happiness is shopping and good price 😛 Had dinner at CPK. Usually I love CPK because it reminds me of home, but the experience on Saturday was bad. Poor service and everything’s just wrong. Don’t think I’ll be coming back for a little while…

Snow alert around this region, so I went to Publix in the morning. It was a lovely Valentine’s Sunday! Pretty floral arrangements, roses, and just all different kind of flowers available at Publix for people to purchase! The lilies I got from Harris Teeter are about to die… so I decided to purchase this cute pink sparkly bouquet for $9.99!


Pretty flower sure brightens up your day right? I started the habit to buy fresh flowers to decorate my little apartment since I moved to the Queen city. It really helps… After a long day of work, come home, and see pretty flowers! Some people prefer to buy nicely arranged flowers from florist, but I just go with the supermarket flowers and did a little bit of simple arrangement myself.


A bouquet of flowers into 3 little vases. How do you like it? 😉

Late afternoon went to Baoding for apparently one of the best Chinese restaurants here. I had Peking duck for dinner. Wasn’t cheap but so worth it. Definitely would go back for more legit Chinese food in the near future 😀

How did you spend your Valentine’s weekend? Did you do anything special? I didn’t do anything special, but it was lovely, classic, and amazing. Some people might say going to Asian supermarkets aren’t exactly romantic, but I thought it was time well spent. I am grateful and enjoyed every moment of my Valentine’s weekend (minus the cold weather). I hope you did too!

Wednesday means we are half way done this week… Cannot wait for the weekend already, but here’s some pretty flowers simply arranged by me, along with chocolates to wish you a happy belated Valentine’s day and happy Wednesday!





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