What do you do in your free time? Perhaps… Coloring?


What do you do in your free time? This is a question not only interviewers ask, but also family, friends, and you talking to yourself. Exactly what is free time? I mean nowadays with job, school, etc. Sometimes it’s becoming harder and harder to define free time because we are constantly doing something. We all know the importance to rest, to zone out, to just relax for a little bit, but it’s becoming difficult when there are so many things distracting us from doing so. Do you feel that way too? Because I am definitely guilty of that. 

My job, my love for Japanese drama, online window shopping, reading online articles, or simply the fact that we are all living in the world of technology (excuses perhaps), often times I find not having enough time to clear my mind or ‘rest’ everyday and it’s already time to go to bed. Pretty much a cycle that goes on and on 0_0

Adult coloring book isn’t anything new. In fact, I have heard of it when I was working in Taipei. Apparently the whole craze started from a Korean drama where the female protagonist would draw/ink/paint the “Secret Garden” coloring book that led to fans and trendsetters purchasing the “Secret Garden” coloring book to be like the female protagonist, or be stylish. I remember the “Secret Garden” coloring books were all sold out in Taiwan, and people began to hunt for the English version because it looks more ‘authentic’ and what not…

Anyways, that’s what introduced me to the adult coloring book with intricate images. I loved coloring as a kid so there were occasions I was so close to purchasing the book as a side hobby. However, I’ve been stopping myself from doing that with the following reasons (I guess when you are in doubts you just could come up with all the silliest excuse lol)

  1. I don’t have my coloring pencils here! That means I would need to buy some…
  2. The coloring book looks big. Am I going to be able to finish? What if I don’t like it?
  3. Time consuming… Do I have the time?

I finally gave in on Black Friday last year. Obviously I went to the mall first, but didn’t really see anything I liked. Then, I went to Barnes and Nobles and checked out the coloring section for I-can’t-even-remember-how-many-times. Somehow that day, after browsing through the different selection of coloring books, I finally decided I want to get one, and might as well start with “Secret Garden” as my first project – images of flowers and gardens, sounds like something I’d enjoy coloring.

Somehow I did not see “Secret Garden” at the coloring section. A little worried (since I finally made up my mind to purchase!), I went to the sales rep. to inquire about the book. He lead me to the kid’s section and ta-da! Originally I was going to purchase the regular edition of the coloring book, but what caught my eye was the postcard edition. 20 postcard size of the “Secret Garden” images! This is so perfect for me because I love writing letters and it makes the postcard extra unique when I can color first 😉

Purchased the postcard version of the coloring book from Barnes & Nobles, and then color pencils from Hobby Lobby only to realize after my first image I did not have enough colors! So in the end I purchased another larger box of color pencils on Amazon 😛

I did my first coloring during Thanksgiving holiday, and another one the beginning of December. Stopped for a good while until this week. I am on my image #4 🙂 It’s really a nice evening activity to stay calm and peaceful. Somehow I feel more productive doing some coloring in the evening. I still have time for my usual evening hobbies, but doing some coloring just brings that extra little joy for me.


New image this week – a friend commented it reminds her of Murakami Takashi! Hehe 🙂

So, what do you do in your free time? Do you enjoy coloring? Do you own an adult coloring book? What’s your experience or favorite image so far?

For people who are like me who used to come up with excuses to stop yourself from getting into this hobby. Do it, you will not regret! It’s a lot of fun and the result is rewarding – pretty images with vivid and wonderful colors! A creation of your own!! How awesome is that? I am already looking forward to sending these postcards out once I complete 😉

coloring for adult is cool and fun,


Product Information

Secret Garden 20 Postcards

newly released… Enchanted Forest 20 Postcards (I heard this is more advanced)

Ohuhu Colored Pencils (I think I went with the 72 colors… very good quality! Lots of color to play with 😉


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