a little something green


February, the second month of 2016 🙂

Although it’s not the beginning of the new year, I still like to think the beginning of each month gives us the chance to kind of start anew. Maybe it’s just me, but I always use the beginning of every month to reflect about the past month, and then set some new goals I would like to complete the new month.

I have always liked the idea of having a nice little green plant at home. I do not have green fingers, so growing up I’ve gotten some bamboos as my ‘little something green.’ Bamboos are easy to take care of, all you do is make sure to provide them enough sunshine, water them frequently, and you’ll have a nice little bucket of pretty greens. But I’ll have to admit I don’t like bamboos all that much. I am not sure if it’s the look, or that I’ve gotten too much bamboos growing up, they just do not interest me.

Having my own little apartment, I’ve been pretty good at buying fresh flowers to decorate different corners of my space to make it look homey and chic. I’ve been thinking about getting small easy plants too, but I am just not a big fan going to the nursery, Lowe’s, or Home Depot.

I’ll just admit if possible I’d like to stay as far away as possible from these places 😛 They are not fun!

This past weekend while doing my weekly grocery shopping at Harris Teeter, a little section of live herbal plants right next to the fresh vegetables caught my eyes. Peppermint, Basil… I can’t remember the rest of the names right now, but for sure a impressive collection of small living herbal plants! Each for $2.99! Steal deal for sure 😉 A super indecisive person, I remember trying to decide between all those cute little green selections (basil smelled really good too!), and then finally decided on the peppermint. I just can’t resist that refreshing fragrance and the pretty grassy green!

ta-da! the beginning of me taking care of a little plant – introducing the mini mint showing at the top of this post… white background, and the perfect hint of little green ❤

My florist friend told me peppermint needs a lot of sunlight and just a little bit of water. It’s only my 2nd day taking care of my little green friend, so I am being extra careful making sure he is happy and growing. Thinking to give him an official name after he survives the first month 😉

Any tips or tricks on how to take care of your plants? Fun stories growing a plant in door? Recommendation on the types of plants that’ll easily survive with just enough sunlight and water? (no bamboos please lol)

Like I said, even though it’s only the second day for me, I am already feeling happier seeing that little plant in the morning and evening when I return from work. I don’t know what others might say, but I truly believe the magical power of having pretty flower and something green at home to brighten up your mood.

Tempted to try? Go for it – I am sure you can find those living herbal plants easily at the local groceries, nurseries, or… Home Depot and Lowe’s 🙂

We all need that cheerful little green in our lives to remind us to stay positive and hopeful. Of course… the awesome fragrance gets extra point!

Go green,




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